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Studio Wind-up stand crank LS-6
Studio Wind-up stand crank LS-6 438SH Wind-up stand B6026CS Crank-up

Wind Up Stand 280 cm - HD

  • Payload: 40 Kg
  • Max height: 280 cm | Min height: 170 cm
  • Junior receiver (28mm) top
  • Oversized slip-free handle with self lock
  • Built-in levelling leg
  • Braked wheels included
  • Material: steel
  • Aka: crank stand, crank-up stand, vator stand
  • As: LS.6, 438SH, B6026CS, KS-403512
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     This heavy duty wind up stand meets both safety and strength requirements for easily lifting and lowering heavy equipment. 

     It is a single riser stand with 2 sections that extend from 170 cm up to 280 cm using an oversized slip-free handle with self lock. The central column elevates in small increments of 4.4 cm with each handle turn for fine tune movements.

     The universal 28 mm junior top receiver it's suitable for mounting lights or other studio accessories equipped with a 28 mm spigot. This is the ideal stand to be used with the Super Boom Arm to remotely hang studio equipment. 

     This stand features a built-in levelling leg to be used on uneven terrain and also comes with braked casters to effortlessly glide across smooth surfaces.  

     The stainless steel construction with chromed central column and black anodized finish legs makes it suitable for studio setups.

     Similar to: LS.6 Windup, 438SH, B6026CS Wind-up Stand, KS403512 Windup Stand




Stand type: Junior stand
Mounting Receiver 28mm (1-1/8")
Maximum height 280 cm
Minimum height 170 cm
Maximum payload 40 kg
Folded length 194 cm
Footprint diameter 154 cm
No of sections 2
Column diameters 40 / 50 mm
Legs diameter 30x30 mm
Leveling leg Yes
Collapsing protection Yes
Material Steel alloy
Color Black
Weight 31 kg
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