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Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel  650W - 70x50 cm
Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel  650W - 70x50 cm Cinelight Studio Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel  650W - 70x50 cm Cinema Tungsten Light Accessory Softbox Kit 50x70cm Video Accessory Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel  650W - 70x50 cm Film Studio Tungsten Light Accessory Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel  650W - 70x50 cm Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel  650W Tungsten Light Accessory Video Studio Softbox Kit for Tungsten Light Softbox Kit for Tungsten Fresnel Light Tungsten Light Softbox Connector - dimensions

Softbox Kit for Junior Fresnel 650W - 70x50 cm

  • 4 poles mounting system
  • Front soft louver & smaller inner diffusion
  • Includes softbox connector 
  • Heat resistant tent fabric
  • Silver interior for increased light intensity
  • Softbox connector mounting diameter: 16.8 cm
  • Softbox size (W x H x D):  70 x 50 x 46 cm 


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Status: In Stock


    The softbox kit with speed ring for Cinelight Junior Fresnel 650W and other similar models (ARRI Junior 650) is a very useful light modifying accessory to dramatically soften the light output.

    The rectangular shape of the softbox delivers a great result when the fixture is used as key or fill light. Has a deep design that’s ideal for use with a range of narrow beam lights like our Junior Fresnel 650W light.

    The increased depth of the softbox allows the light to fill the front diffusion screen evenly and increase the output of the Fresnel 650W.  

    The silver interior provides a specular effect of the output, enhancing the light intensity of the Fresnel 650W fixture.


    In addition to the front diffusion screen, the softbox includes a removable interior small diffusion silk for the outermost soft, flattering result.

    The front detachable soft grid narrows the spread of light and reduces the side spill for a more directional yet diffused output.

    The tent is made from heat resistant fabric that can withstand the temperature generated by a 1000 watts tungsten lamp.

Key Features:

  • 4 poles mounting system
  • Includes soft honeycomb and second smaller white diffusion silk
  • Includes softbox connector with 8 holes for rectangular and octagonal softboxes
  • Softbox size (W x H x D):  70 x 50 x 46 cm 
  • Softbox connector mounting diameter: 16.8 cm
Package Content

Package Content

Q&A (4)

Q & A ( 4 )


From Dave


Is there a way to use it on the Arri 300 as well?


Hi Dave,
The softbox tent will work also on a Junior 300W but you will need a smaller adapter ring which we currently don't have in our offer.


From Zeno


Does this fit on the Arri Junior 1000?


The suitable softbox kit for Arri & Cinelight Junior Fresnel 1000W is this model:


From Marco I.


Does this softbox fit the Arri 650 Plus?


Yes, it works also with the other brands of 650W fixtures like: ARRI Junior Fresnel 650W Plus or Filmgear Fresnel 650W.


From Jeremy D.


Do I need to buy the speed ring separately to mount this or is the a speed ring included in the 'kit'?


The speed ring adapter it is included in this package.
You don't need to order the separate speed ring.


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Reviews (2)

Reviews ( 2 reviews )




Fine alternative ...

for the expensive softboxes. I use it with an ARRI 650 Junior and it is my good companion on every set since - though I have to say it is still my wish to have the original chimera one day - it is a different quality; I just gave up on assemble and disassemble.





Well finished product less expensive than chimera. There is no manual but it is quick easy to understand the setup.

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