Scrim Kit - Junior 300 watts
Scrim Kit - Junior 300 watts

Scrim kit - Junior 300 watts

  • Stainless steel wire screen
  • Full single | full double | half single | half double
  • Green scrim reduces the light by a 1/2F-stop
  • Red scrim reduces the light by a 1F-stop
  • Half scrim covers half of the lightface
  • Includes transport pouch
  • Diameter: 129 mm
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Status: Out of stock
Expected: 2024-02-26

    The scrim is a stainless steel wire screen used to reduce the intensity of the light output, without changing the color temperature. 

    One more scrims can be used at once in order to cut down more from the light output.

    The green colored scrim reduces the light by a 1/2F-stop, while the red colored scrim is more dense and reduces the light by a 1F-stop.

    The half single scrim is often used to divide the foreground and the background lighting resulting in an 1/2F-stop less light on the foreground area than the background. So, if an actor is walking towards the lamp head, he starts out in the full output area with no scrim and as he gets closer he reaches the half output area with a scrim in front. In this way the amount of light from the lamp head is reduced accordingly to maintain a constant exposure to the entire take. 

    The half double scrim has the same effect as the half single one, but reduces the light intensity twice as much.

     The scrim kit comes with included cordura transport pouch, very useful to keep everything organized.

  • Scrims diameter: 129 mm
  • Compatible with: Cinelight Junior Fresnel 300 watts, ARRI Fresnel Junior Plus 300 watts

Package Content

Package Content

Q&A (1)

Q & A ( 1 )


From Andreas K.


Dear Cinelight-Team. Does the Kit fits on the Reflektors of the CineCOB 120W Monolight Bi-Color? or is there any accesoiry neccesary - Thanks for your reply - Best Andreas


Hi Andreas,
This scrim kit is intended for Junior Fresnel 300W fixture
It doesn't fit the CineCOB 120W.
For CineCOB 120 accessories look here:


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