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Light Dimmer 6000W
Light Dimmer 6000W Tungsten Light Dimmer - 6000 watts Studio Tungsten Light Dimmer - 6000 watts Studio Video Light Dimmer - 6000 watts Light Dimmer 6K - Details Light Dimmer 6K - Dimensions

Light Dimmer - 6000 watts

  • Adjusts light output 100% to 0% seamlessly
  • Micro-controller ensures flicker-free operation
  • Works with incandescent lamps 100W to 6000W
  • Random flicker generator with speed control
  • 220 - 240V AC compatible
  • Rugged aluminum housing
  • Protection Schneider fuse
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    This compact dimmer can be plugged in line with any tungsten light up to 6000 watts and will adjust smoothly the light output of the lamp from 100% to 0%.

    The dimming process is done by a micro-controller to ensure smooth, flicker free and silent operation. The same micro-controller will auto-adjust the output function to ensure full range dimming (100% - 0%) for all lamps wattage ranging from 100 watts up to 6000 watts. The dimmer features a built-in Schneider protection fuse.

    The housing is made from rugged aluminum for a long term intensive use and is designed to offer protection to the dimming knob and illuminated switches.

    Random flicker generator function with ON / OFF switch and pulse modulation (flicker speed adjustment).


    The cable length is 1m and is equipped with CEE  2P+E 32A heavy duty power plugs which can be easily replaced with different ones.

Compatible with:

  • Redhead 800W / Blonde 2000W
  • Junior Fresnel 150W / 300W / 650W / 1000W / 2000W / 5000W
  • Spacelight 3000W / 6000W
  • Maxi Brute 4000W / 6000W
  • Compatible with all continuous incandescent lights  which use 220-240V directly (without transformers) 

Note: This model is not compatible with Fluorescent, HMI / CMD and LED lights. 

         Using this dimmer with inappropriate lighting fixtures may cause permanent damages to the light components (ballast, circuit board).

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Fair price

I can say that I am quite happy with this product. It is aluminum built and rugged but quite big as well. I don't understand that flicker mode and what It is useful for but that's not a problem. There was a fast delivery and the products were well packed. They respond very quick when you email them. Good experience with this shop.

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