Light dimmer - 12000W
Light dimmer - 12000W Studio Tungsten Line Dimmer 12000W Tungsten Light Dimmer 12K - Video Lights Cinelight Studio Light Dimmer 12K Cinema Studio Dimmer 12000W Tungsten Light Studio Dimmer 12000W Dimmer Tungsten Light 12K Light dimmer 12000W - Dimensions

Light dimmer - 12000W

  • Smoothly adjusts the light output 100% - 0% 
  • Micro-controller ensures flicker-free operation
  • Works with incandescent lamps up to 12000W
  • 220 - 250V/50Hz AC compatible
  • 2P+E / 63A C From power plugs
  • Rugged aluminum housing 
  • Built-in top handle
  • Protection bi-pole Schneider fuse



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     This single-phase inline dimmer can be used with any continuous tungsten lamp up to 12KW to adjust the light output from 100% to 0%.

     The dimming process is done by a micro-controller which ensures a smooth and flicker-free operation. 

     The dimmer features a built-in bi-pole Schneider power fuse to protect against overloads and short circuits.

     The rugged aluminum housing is designed for a long-term intensive use and features a built-in top handle and bottom rubberized legs.

     The dimmer can be manually operated using the controlling knob with grading steps in order to adjust the output to a selected value.


Note:    This dimmer is suitable to continuous tungsten lighting only. Not compatible with Fluorescent, HMI / CMD and LED lights.



Light Accessory

Dedicated for Tungsten lights up to 12000W
Overall size 50 x 24.5 x 18 cm
Color blue
Material aluminum
Weight 5.9 Kg
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Package Content

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  • Payload: 10 Kg
  • Maximum height: 285 cm
  • Folded length: 109 cm
  • Mounting: long neck spigot 16mm (5/8" stud)
  • Material: stainless steel & aluminum
€4900 / €6900
In Stock
Lighting Equipment Shipping Cost
  • Single track carriage with 16mm spigot
  • Provided with brake
  • Rubber wheels with bearings inside
  • Silent and smooth movements
  • Suitable for payloads up to 15 Kg
€1000 / €1500
In Stock
Lighting Equipment Shipping Cost
  • Power: 1000W
  • Light output: 2900lx @ 1m
  • Diameter: 65 cm (26") | Weight: 2.6 Kg
  • Soft tungsten light resembling to a China ball lantern light
  • Heat-resistant and washable softbox fabric
  • Upper side reflective interior to enhance light output
  • Rigid tubular transport case included
€44900 / €49900
Out of stock
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Lighting Equipment Shipping Cost
  • Power: 300W
  • Pole operated controls: focus, pan & tilt
  • Adjustable beam angle from spot 15° to flood 57°
  • High quality Fresnel lens with short focal length
  • Sturdy die cast aluminum construction
  • Solid metal yoke bar with spigot 28 mm (1-18" pin)
  • Mainly used for studio applications

€19900 / €33900
In Stock
Lighting Equipment Shipping Cost
  • Power: 40W
  • Light output: 2500lx @ 1m
  • Color temperature: 3200K-5600K | CRI 94 TLCI 92
  • Size & weight: 26 x 18 x 5 cm | 1 Kg
  • Radio remote controller with large display included
  • Removable handle to hold the panel
  • Touch illuminated buttons to control the light
€9900 / €17900
In Stock
Lighting Equipment Shipping Cost

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