Studio Junior Fresnel 1000W Light
Studio Junior Fresnel 1000W Light

Junior Fresnel 1000 watts

  • Power: 1000W
  • Light output 3m: 9500lx (spot) / 1900lx (flood) 
  • Size & weight: 43 x 29 x 25 cm | 5.6 Kg
  • Adjustable beam angle from spot 12° to flood 60° 
  • High quality Fresnel lens with short focal length
  • Sturdy die cast aluminum construction
  • Optional: softbox, scrim kit, filter frame, dimmer
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Overall lamp dimensions (including yoke bar, tilt lockers or other product parts). 
Expressed as: Width x Height x Depth 

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Dedicated accessories

Osram Lamp - 1000W
Filter Frame
Scrim kit
Scrim kit
Softbox Kit - 80x60 cm
Softbox Connector
Dimmer 1000W (max)

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Superior quality built in and increased performance


     The Cinelight Junior Fresnel 1000W has a robust die cast aluminum construction, fully compatible with third parties accessories (ARRI, Filmgear). The product is designed for the European market and includes high quality components that truly stand out among all the variety of tungsten Fresnel lights available.

True Fresnel lens and smooth focusing mechanism

     The high quality Fresnel lens with short focal length and wide angles increases the light output and delivers superior optical performance. The adjustable focus from spot (12°) to flood (60°) makes it easy to obtain the desired intensity or beam width.

Fully die cast aluminum housing


     The Cinelight Junior Fresnel 1000W is using a series of aluminum extrusions and aluminum corrosion castings for the housing to quickly dissipate the heat that comes from the light bulb therefore increasing the lamp's life. The amount of time needed for the fixture to cool down is reduced so it's easier to handle.

European safety regulations compliant

     The Junior Fresnel 1000W complies with the European CE safety standards. The fixture is provided with a 3 core power cable with earthing wire. Also, the ceramic lamp socket features insulated wiring to protect against the heat generated by the light bulb.

Wide range of applications

     Being one of the workhorses of the industry, the Fresnel Junior 1000W can be used for music videos and film productions, interviews, studio lighting and product photography. The fixture can act as main subject light, background light, accent light, contour / rim light and can be placed anywhere a compact, yet powerful lamphead is required. The Fresnel Junior 1000W can be equipped with a Chimera 9192 speed-ring adapter and softbox to obtain a diffused fill light.

Key Features:

  • true Fresnel lens increases light output 
  • adjustable focus from spot 12° to flood 60° beam angle
  • sturdy die cast aluminum construction, corrosion resistant 
  • aluminum extrusions ensure proper heat dissipation form the lighting bulb
  • ceramic lamp socket with insulated wiring
  • solid metal yoke bar with 5/8" spigot receiver
  • compatible with third parties accessories (ARRI, Filmgear)


Tungsten - Fresnel

Beam type spot
Rated power 1000 watts
Voltage input 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Lamp type CP/71 1000W ; CP/40 1000W
Lamp socket G22
Color temperature 3200K
Beam angle 12°-60°
Photometrics spot mode 9500lx | 4m: 5340lx | 5m: 3420lx
Photometrics flood mode 1900lx | 4m: 1070lx | 5m: 680lx
Lens type Fresnel
Lens size 130 mm
Filter slot size 197 mm
Barndoors slot size 197 mm
Spot-Flood selector type Mechanical
Yoke mount Spigot 16mm receiver
Housing color Gray & blue
Housing material Aluminum
Power cord total length 7.0 m
Power connector type CEE 7/4 - Schuko
IP rating 23
Lamp head dimensions 43 x 29 x 25
Lamp head weight 5.6 kg
Package Content

Package Content

Accessories & Bundles

Accesories & Bundles

Q&A (2)

Q & A ( 2 )


From Bob


Is there a lamp included in the package? What about the barndoors?


There is no lamp included by default in the package. You can select to include an optional lamp (we supply Osram brand) or you can use any G22 1000W lamps from your favorite brands.
The 4 leaf barndoors are included in the package.


From Partick


Could I use my Chimerra connector and softbox on this light? Also other accessories from ARRI Junior 1K will fit on this?


Yes, you can use your Chimerra softbox on our Junior Fresnel 1KW. Also most of the accessories designed for ARRI or Filmgear will fit our fixture too.


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Reviews (4)

Reviews ( 4 reviews )




Einfach Klasse auch für CH Kunden

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität-Preis-Leisung. Klasse Ausrüstung, Werden bald Aufrüsten.




Top Produkt zu Top Preis!

Top Produkt zu Top Preis. Absolut vergleichbar mit ARRI! Daniel Forster PRO EVENT GmbH




More for less? - Yes, it possible!

I recently took delivery of a Cinelight Junior Fresnel 1000w light fixture, from Cinelight in Romania. It took 6 days to arrive in the UK, and 4 days for the incompetent courier service, Dynamic Postal Delivery, to NOT deliver it, before I had to go to England’s version of Detroit, Crawley, and pick it up myself. More about my experience with DPD later. Anyway, moving on! The lighting fixture came in perhaps one of the toughest cardboard boxes I have ever encountered. Seriously, this thing was SOLID. Also, the box was wrapped in white tape marked “FRAGILE” in red, which was nice and considerate of Cinelight, despite the likelihood of most couriers opting to ignore such a warning… Especially DPD.

After taking about 5 minutes to get into the box, I was presented with a thick sheet of foam core, protecting the fixture beneath. Removing the foam sheet revealed the light fixture, its EU power cable (which you’ll need to re-wire or find an adapter for if the EU plug is not native to your country), a filter frame, 2 individually boxed Osram bulbs wrapped in their own foam padding, an additional padded area where the barndoors were kept, and foam padding beneath the light and on all sides of the box for added protection. Beat that, Durex! I would have probably included more padding around the actual light fixture, such as bubble wrap and a few automated air bags, but I’m pretty fastidious… Just ask Chris Beller from Kessler Crane, or Mandy Rogers from Zacuto, or… Alright, nevermind.

One of the first things I noticed before opening the box, was something rattling inside. That’s never a good sign, right? Upon carefully removing the fixture from its box, I found that the Fresnel lens wasn’t being held still, nor in the center of its housing. But the good thing was, it wasn’t damaged. I started to think that maybe the lens was slightly too small, or the housing was slightly too big, but after contacting Cinelight (who responded to my e-mail almost instantaneously, I might add) with a few photos and a video demonstrating the problem, I was informed that there should be a pad of heat resistant material on each of the two feet that support the lens from its bottom, which must have dislodged during transit. I checked the box, found the pads and installed them where they should be.

I’ve gotta say, though… It was hard to not confuse the pads with packaging material, as they looked like two strips of cotton padding – You know, the type your girlfriend uses to cleanse her face. Yes, FACE, you dirty bastard. But don’t fret, Arri also use this same technology to secure and protect the lens in their 1K Junior Fresnel fixture, and I think we can all agree that Arri have been around long enough to stand the test of time.

However, after using the light for around 6 continuous hours, the “heat resistant” material browned considerably and has since disintegrated, causing the Fresnel lens to be misaligned and unprotected by the extreme heat that is transferred to the lens door. I informed Cinelight of this issue, who assured me this had never happened to any of their units before. I suggested they consider using strips of heat resistant silicone as an alternative to the cotton-like pads, because of silicone’s hard-wearing / heat resistant resilience — an idea that was quickly taken on board by the fantastic customer representatives at Cinelight — and replacement SILICONE pads were sent out to me straight away. Now THAT’S customer service done right! Also, not only that, but I have recently been advised that all future production runs of the Cinelight 1K Junior Fresnel will now come with silicone pads pre-installed. So, if you purchase a lighting fixture from Cinelight, and it has silicone pads, just remember… That’s all me, baby.

Alright, so let’s talk build quality and features…
The main housing of the fixture is made from extruded aluminium (which has a smooth, almost milled appearance), so is pretty light weight (weighing in at 5.6kg), yet feels strong enough that you could swing it against Mike Tyson’s face (which isn’t recommended, by the way), without causing much of a hindrance to the fixture. The fixture’s protrusions, i.e., the front casting, rear casting, front base casting, rear base casting and lens door, are made from cast aluminium (could be sand cast?),