Combo Studio Roller Stand 325 cm
Combo Studio Roller Stand 325 cm Studio Combo Roller Stand 325 cm - spigot Studio Light Stand - Combo Roller Stand 3.25m Film Studio Combo Roller Stand 325cm Combo Video Studio Roller Stand 325cm - In use Combo Studio Roller Stand 325 cm - Package content

Combo Studio Roller Stand 225 cm

  • Payload: 10 Kg
  • Maximum height: 225 cm
  • Folded length: 123 cm
  • Mounting: combo 5/8" pin & 1-1/8" receiver
  • Material: steel
  • As: 360M / KS301612
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     The combo stand with rolling base is designed for mounting lighting fixtures, camera, tethering table or anything with a spigot 16 mm receiver or 28 mm stud. Very useful accessory for studios with smooth surfaces.


     The combo stand features a dual mounting function: 5/8" (16 mm) stud and 1-1/8" (28 mm) receiver in order to fit any type of lighting fixture or studio accessory with baby or junior mount. 

    The removable high density plastic wheels with bearings inside and rubber coating increase the mobility of the stand base. Each wheel is provided with individual breaking to lock the combo base stand into position. 

     The legs design allows for the stand's base to be folded for easy storage and transportation.

    The black anodized finish of the stand eliminates any unwanted reflections, making it suitable for studio setups.

    Similar with other brands combo stands: 360M / KS301612.

    *NB: The maximum payload is rated for the stand half-extended.




Stand type: Combo stand
Mounting Stud 16mm (5/8") & Receiver 28mm (1-1/8")
Maximum height 225 cm
Minimum height 123 cm
Maximum payload 10 kg
Folded length 123 cm
Footprint diameter 106 cm
No of sections 2
Column diameters 30 / 35 mm
Legs diameter 20 x 40 mm
Leveling leg No
Reversible legs Yes
Removable base No
Collapsing protection N/A
Material Steel
Color Black
Weight 8.2 kg
Package Content

Package Content

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