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Pack: 2 X Light Stand 285 cm HD + Transport Bag
Light Stand 2.85 m  - Aluminum & Steel (HD) Studio Light Stand 285 cm - Aluminum & Steel Film Studio Light Stand Aluminum & Steel 285cm Light Stand 2.85 m - Folded Overall Details - Light Stand 2.85 m  - Aluminum & Steel (HD) Dimensions - Light Stand 2.85 m  - Aluminum & Steel (HD) Film Studio Light Stand 285cm Aluminum & Steel Cinema Accessory Light Stand 2.85 m - In use

Pack: 2 X Light Stand 285 cm HD + Transport Bag

  • 2 x Baby stand 285 cm 
  • 1 x Carrying bag 
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Convenient pack of two baby light stands 285 cm and one transport bag perfect for travelling or storage.

  • Payload: 10 Kg
  • Max height: 285 cm | Min height: 109 cm
  • Stainless steel central column 
  • Metal collars & spider casting
  • Long neck 16 mm spigot (5/8" stud)
  • Material: steel & aluminum


     Heavy duty light stand with steel central column and long neck spigot 16 mm, designed to support heavier lighting fixtures and studio equipment up to 10 kg load. 

     The stand rises to a maximum height of 285 cm, folds down to 109 cm and has a wide base for a better stability.

     22 mm legs can be quickly retracted by loosening the T-handle on the top collar and pulling them up. 

     Long neck 16 mm spigot stud (70 mm length) is suitable for mounting any lighting fixture with standard bottom 5/8" (16 mm) baby receiver.

     Double handles on the spider casting ensure a steady lowering of the central column to the ground.

     The stand's columns are spring-loaded to protect the mounted equipment against accidental collapsing by absorbing the shock. 

     Black anodized finish of the stand eliminates any unwanted reflections, making it suitable also for studio applications.

     All the stands parts are metal made for a better resistance over time.

    *NB: The maximum payload is rated for the stand columns half-extended.


Weight 4.8 kg
Stand type: Baby stand
Mounting Stud 16mm (5/8")
Maximum height 285 cm
Minimum height 109 cm
Folded length 109 cm
No of sections 3
Footprint diameter 120 cm
Column diameters 25 / 30 / 35 mm
Legs diameter 22 mm
Maximum payload 10 kg
Collapsing protection Spring
Material Steel & Aluminum
Color Black
  • Transport bag for 3 baby stands
  • Grab handle for easy transportation
  • Thin profile facilitates storage and shipping
  • 120 cm long


     Cordura transport bag for 3 light stands (baby stands). The soft, thin profile facilitates storage and shipping, also designed for comfort and durability.

     It can be carried by grab handle that works very well for easy transportation.

Length: 120 cm

Weight: 0.70 kg

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Package Content

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