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CineGrip Grip Head LD - black KCP-290B
CineGrip Grip Head LD - black KCP-290B Kupo KCP-225B Studio Grip Head LD - black KCP-290B Video Accessory Grip Head LD - details Cinema Accessory Grip Head LD - black TV Studio Grip Head LD - handle detail Cinema Studio Grip Head LD - spigot receiver detail Grip Head LD - in use Film Studio Grip Head LD - in use Video Grip Tool Accessory Grip Head LD Studio grip accessory grip head LD

Grip Head LD - black

  • Jaws diameters: 25/19/16/8 mm
  • Sturdy cast aluminum body
  • "V" jaws with toothed design for extra grip
  • Oversized "T" locking handle & bearings for torque
  • Fits short and lock neck 16 mm spigots
  • Size: 17 x 9 cm | 0.6 kg
  • As: KCP-225B, KCP-290B
Status: In Stock


    Inspired from the classic grip head design, the new Grip Head Large Diameters distinguishes itself by the larger mounting jaws diameters (25/19/16/8 mm). Best in-use example for this type of grip is to mount a Butterfly 200 x 150 cm / Butterfly 240 x 240 cm on a light stand.

    Made entirely from die cast aluminum with anti-slip surface locking handles, the Grip Head LD meets various requirements in any studio.

     The oversized "T" locking handle and the shaft bearings ensure an easy torque and a strong grip with minimal effort & no lockups. 


    The grip body is made from solid cast aluminum. 

    Can be used with a c-stand or baby stand (accommodates both short and long neck spigots using the dual position of the screw-in locking system).

  • Jaws diameters: 25/19/16/8 mm
  • Dimensions: 17 x 9 cm 
  • Weight: 0.6 Kg
  • Similar with other brands grips: KCP-225B / KG104511 , KCP-290B



Grip & Mounting

Grip type Gobo
Mounting Receiver 16mm (5/8")
Openings 25/19/16/8 mm
Overall size 17 x 9 cm
Color Black
Material Aluminum
Weight 0.6 kg
Package Content

Package Content

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Reviews (2)

Reviews ( 2 reviews )





I do not know what to say they are amazing and the price is right!




Solid grip

The product feels very solid. No problems in using it so far. I have 4 pieces and all are working well.

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