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Vise Clamp with 16 mm Pin & Receiver - Long
Vise Clamp with 16 mm Pin & Receiver - Long Kupo KCP-607 Studio Cardellini Clamp - Long Matthelinni Clamp - Dimensions MaxClamp with 16 mm Pin & Receiver Cinelight Vise Clamp with 16 mm Pin & Receiver - Long Kupo KG603012 Grip Tool Cardellini Clamp - Long MaxClamp Grip Tool - in use 420118 Vise Clamp Long - in use

Vise Clamp with 16 mm Pin & Receiver - Long

  • Max opening: 27 cm
  • Aka: Super Viser / Cardellini / Metthellini Clamp or MaxClamp
  • Spigot 16mm tail and hexa 16mm receiver on top
  • Rubber pads to protect surface & avoid slipping
  • Anti-twist grooved threaded shaft
  • Total length: 44 cm | 1 kg
  • Payload: 50 kg
  • As: KCP-601-L, KG603012, BC420210
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     Also known as: Cardellini / Matthellini Clamp or Max Clamp.

     Adjustable C-Clamp with 44 cm total length.

     Fully made of metal with adjustable opening up to 27 cm.

     Features rubber pads to protect the surface and avoid slipping. 

     On top of the clamp there is an adapter socket where a hexagonal spigot or a Pro Clamp can be mounted.

     Spigot pin 16 mm on the bottom end to attach lights or other compatible accessories.

     Grooved design on the threaded shaft to keep the orientation of both jaws in the  same direction all the way.

     Similar with other brands clamps: Kupo KCP601-L, KG603012 Super Viser Clamp, Matthews BC-420210 Matthellini 17" Center Jaw.

  • Payload: 50 kg
  • Length: 44 cm
  • Width of the jaw: 8 cm
  • Weight: 1 Kg



Grip & Mounting

Grip type Clamp
Mounting Stud 16mm & Hex 16mm receiver
Openings 0-270 mm
Max opening 270 mm
Maximum payload 50 kg
Overall size 44.5 cm
Color Chrome
Material Steel alloy
Weight 1 kg
Package Content

Package Content

Accessories & Bundles

Accessories & Bundles

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Reviews (5)

Reviews ( 5 reviews )




Wide Jaw

Very useful with the wide jaw. I like it




Top quality, best price and super fast shipping!

The clamp has a very good quality and the price is more than fair. I am happy to have this piece in my studio, it makes it very easy to fix backdrops. Shipping was super fast. I will be back at Cinelight for my next tools.





Excelent quality and design.
It is my fab clamp, no doubt.
It is the best for rigging what ever I need,




Very good, heavy duty quality

Very good and heavy duty quality.
A very helpfull tool if you need a fast, stable fixingpoint on a bigger beam, were a clamp wont help you. This tool belongs in every gripcase!




The must-have cinema clamp !

Robust design and good quality.
The 27 cm opening distance allows you to attach this clip almost anywhere !
The clamping force is high and the locking is confident. I recommend.

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