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Combo boom C-Stand 205 cm
Combo boom C-Stand 205 cm Cinelight Combo boom C-Stand 205 cm

Combo Boom C-Stand 205 cm

  • C-stand & boom stand
  • C-stand height: 152-400 cm
  • Boom height: 133-205 cm
  • Boom arm length: 115-212 cm
  • Max stand payload: 10 kg
  • Max boom arm payload: 4 kg
  • Removable c-stand base 
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Recommended Accessories

Stand wheels
28 to 16 mm adapter
6 Kg counterweight
Sand bag 20 kg

     Versatile dual purpose stand with removable C-stand base (turtle base) and convertible upper column from light-stand to boom arm, ideal for supporting small to medium size lighting fixtures, flashes, microphones, reflectors and other studio equipment. 

     Can be used as a standard C-Stand (boom arm mounted vertically) with adjustable height from 152 up to 400 cm or converted into a boom arm using the pivoting collar, having minimum height of 133 cm up to a maximum of 212 cm (boom arm mounted horizontally). 

     The boom arm extends from 115 cm to 212 cm and has a removable 16 mm (5/8") spigot with dual screws (1/4 & 3/8"). The spigot collars have texturized surface to prevent free rotation of the installed equipment. 

     The maximum payload in stand configuration is 10 kg and the maximum payload in boom arm configuration is 4 kg*. A counterbalance sand bag is included in the package.  

     The removable leg base features a 28 mm receiver and can be used as a low profile stand base to install lights or other equipment fitted with a 28 mm stud. Additionally, it can be paired with a 28 mm to 16 mm spigot adapter and work as a low profile baby stand. 

    *NB: The maximum payload is rated for the stand or boom arm half-extended.




Stand type: C-Stand
Mounting Stud 16mm (5/8")
Maximum height 400 cm
Minimum height 152 cm
Maximum payload 10 kg
Folded length 135
Footprint diameter 96 cm
No of sections 4
Column diameters 35 / 30 / 25 / 21 mm
Legs diameter 22 mm
Leveling leg No
Removable base Yes
Collapsing protection Spring
Includes boom arm Yes
Material Steel alloy
Color Chrome
Weight 6.5 kg
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Accessories & Bundles

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