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C-Stand 170 cm with Boom Arm - as A2016D
C-Stand 170 cm with Boom Arm - as A2016D Cinema Studio C-Stand 170cm - as CT-20MK Cinelight C-Stand 1.7m with Boom Arm - as KS704512 C-Stand 170 cm in use - aka A2016D Video Studio Accessory C-Stand 170cm with boom arm - aka CT-20MK Studio C-Stand 170cm - aka KS704512 Cinema Studio Accessory C-Stand 1.7m with Boom Arm - aka A2016D C-Stand 170 cm with Boom Arm AKA Avenger A2016D C-Stand 170 cm with Boom Arm AKA KUPO CT-20MK C-Stand 170 cm with Boom Arm AKA KUPO KS704512

C-Stand 170 cm with Boom Arm

  • Payload: 10 kg
  • Maximum height: 170 cm
  • Folded length: 71 cm
  • Mounting: spigot 16mm (5/8" stud)
  • Material: steel
  • Removable base
  • Quick deploy & fold of the legs
  • Aka short C-stand with gobo arm
  • 50 cm steel rod with spigot 16mm ends
  • As: A2016D, CT-20MK, KS704512
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    The Century Stand or simply known as C-Stand is the most common type of gripping equipment in the filmmaking industry used for mounting lighting fixtures and lighting modifiers or accessories. 

    This short C-Stand 1.70 m has a sturdy steel construction and consists of a unique base and a removable central column. Additionally, this model includes a Gobo Arm 50 cm with removable grip head in order to provide a complete support for lights and accessories.

    The detachable "turtle" base can be easily removed for transport. The innovative design on the Century Stand base allows for the legs to be individual set at any angle to be positioned in locations not possible with classic stands.

    A very useful feature of this C-stand is the quick-release design of the legs that uses a spring locking system that removes tension from the legs which fold in a mater of seconds under the gravity. 

    The legs are staggered in height, allowing them to fit in, around, and under furniture, props, and other lighting stands.

    The C-stand base can work as a very low stand for back lights featuring a 28 mm receiver or using a spigot adapter 28 to 16 mm, a lighting fixture with 16 mm receiver can be used with this base.

    The small footprint of the base allows for positioning the stand in tight spaces and the compact, foldable design of the legs saves storage space during transport.

    These heavy-duty light stands are very stable and able to support more weight than any other light stand. The included gobo arm can be used to boom small lights and accessories like scrims, flags, reflectors.

    Similar with other brands C-stands: CT-20MK - 20" Riser C-Stand Turtle Base Kit, 339774 Double Riser C-Stand with Grip Head and Arm.

    *NB: The maximum payload is rated for the stand half-extended.




Stand type: C-Stand
Mounting Stud 16mm (5/8")
Maximum height 170 cm
Minimum height 93 cm
Maximum payload 10 kg
Folded length 71 cm
Footprint diameter 104 cm
No of sections 3
Column diameters 25 / 30 / 35 cm
Legs diameter 30 mm
Leveling leg No
Removable base Yes
Collapsing protection Spring
Includes boom arm Yes
Material Steel
Color Chrome
Weight 6.9 kg
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Accessories & Bundles

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