Collapsible Diffusion Flag - 80 x 100 cm
Collapsible Diffusion Flag - 80 x 100 cm Cinema Studio Modifier Collapsible Diffusion Flag - 80 x 100 cm Cinelight Collapsible Diffusion Flag - 80 x 100 cm Cinelight Diffusion Flag - in use Light Modifier Collapsible Diffusion Flag - 80 x 100 cm

Collapsible Diffusion Flag - 80 x 100 cm

  • Collapsible stainless-steel frame
  • Toolless quick assembly
  • 1.5 F-stops diffusion fabric 
  • Includes transport pouch
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Diffusion flag panel measuring 80 x 100 cm features a collapsible stainless-steel frame that doesn't require any tools for assembling.

Can be packed into a small shape factor for convenient location assignments or storage.

Includes a Ripstop type fabric with 1.5 F-stops light loss for diffusing a hard light source, reducing the contrast and softening the shadows. 

To be paired with a grip-head for stand mount. 

12 mm diameter rod frame.

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Lifesafer on documentary shoots

If you need to fit all of your gear and couple of persons in a small car, then you can't imagine taking 3x3' or 4x4 normal aluminium frames with you. This collapsible frame is much more suitable for the task than the "lastolite" style collapsible diffusion frames and is much more sturdy. additionally, the grid cloth in this "diffusion flag" is much more suitable for diffusing hard light sources to soft even light than the lastolite style frame's built in diffusion.

In documentary shoots this is a lifesaver! it is very useful in fictional/drama shoots too if you have the couple of extra seconds to set it up. Will definitely keep these around on drama shoots too as an additional easily transportable diffusion which is fast to set up if running out of alu frames or the alu frames don't happen to have suitable diffusion for the task.

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