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Butterfly 240 x 240 cm - Diffusion & Grid
Butterfly 240 x 240 cm - Diffusion with Honeycomb Butterfly Frame 12x12' LH.2008.A Cinema Studio Butterfly 240 x 240 cm with grid attached Video Studio Butterfly 240 x 240 cm - Diffusion with Honeycomb Butterfly 240 x 240 cm - Dimensions Film Studio Accessory Butterfly 240 x 240 cm - Diffusion with Honeycomb Butterfly 240 x 240 cm diffusion with Honeycomb - grid H2008 Overhead Butterfly Frame 8x8' Butterfly 240 x 240 cm - on c-stands Butterfly 240 x 240 cm - Diffusion with Honeycomb - package content Butterfly 240 x 240 cm - transport bag Optional Grip Head Large Diameters Black

Butterfly 240 x 240 cm - Diffusion & Grid

  • Large reflector panel with included honeycomb
  • Lightweight, stable & collapsible design
  • White diffusion fabric to soften harsh sunlight
  • Honeycomb to increase light control
  • Pipe-in-pipe assembling system
  • Solid aluminum frame construction
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Recommended Accessories

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C-Stand 330 cm - black
Pro Clamp with Grip Head
Sand bag 10 kg load



     This Butterfly Reflector is a large sized diffusion panel that can be used to soften and diffuse the light. 

     The collapsible aluminum frame has a pipe-in-pipe assembling design which allows a quick setup and operation. 

     The diffusion panel is held in place using easy to hook on elastic straps.


     The flag features a translucent white surface to diffuse the light and soften the shadows. 

     The material is UV treated to withstand long exposure to sun. 


     Use the Butterfly Panel horizontally overhead your subject to soften harsh light sources like the sunlight or use it vertically in front of powerful light sources like the HMI lights to mimic the effect of a large softbox light. 

     The included honeycomb helps to direct the light trough the diffusion panel and to somewhat reduce the light spill, acting like a large softbox. 


     For mounting the Butterfly 200 x 150 cm on 2 light stands, two Grip Heads LD (Large Diameters) can be used to tilt the panel at the desired angle (see "Add mounting accessories" option on the right). The large diameters of the grip's jaws are suitable to hold the butterfly's frame into the desired position.  

  • Size: 240 x 240 cm
  • Weight: 5 Kg
  • Packed size: 105 x 20 x 15
Package Content

Package Content

Accessories & Bundles

Accessories & Bundles

Q&A (2)

Q & A ( 2 )




Does butterfly include the grid too as shown on photos, or just transluscent fabric?


Hi, it includes in the package the the honeycomb grid and the translucent fabric.
For attaching to a stand we recommend two of this grip heads:


From Samer A.


Dear all, does this have other accessories ? like the smaller one 200cmx150cm?


Hi, For this model of butterfly currently there are no optional fabrics of different types.


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Reliable and quality product

Exceptional modifier, best value for money on the market! In four years of daily use it has shown excellent reliability.

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