Butterfly 200x150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers
Butterfly 200x150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers

Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers

  • UV treated translucent white material
  • Detachable & interchangeable layers
  • Aluminum collapsible frame
  • Configurable with different fabrics
  • Size: 200 x 150 cm



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Black & White Fabric
Silver & Gold Fabric
Chroma Green Fabric
Double Black Fabric

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     This 20 x 150 cm butterfly is a large size diffusion panel made from a collapsible aluminum frame for easy setup and operation. 

     The frame is made from strong lightweight aluminum with special folding sections to allow easy storage with minimum effort. 


     The diffusion panel is held in place by strong touch fastener edge strips for a secure grip. 

     The flag features a translucent white layer used to produce a broad light source with a soft effect.

     The material is UV treated to withstand long exposure to sun. 

     Adding the optional layer fabrics enhance the versatility of this collapsible butterfly. The optional fabrics can be easily applied using the Velcro system. 


     The optional fabric layers are as follows:

  • silver - gold:  used to create specular highlights adding contrast to the image (silver) or to create a warm effect (gold)
  • black - opaque white: used for blocking the light to avoid spill (black) or to bounce and soften the light with natural looking results (white)
  • chroma green: used as backdrop for chroma key applications
  • double black: used as a traditional flag to absorb the light from the both sides; the thickness of the material increases light obstruction 
  • honeycomb: can be used alone on the frame to direct the light through, acting like a large scrim or can be applied over the translucent diffusion layer to reduce the light spill, acting like a large softbox

     For mounting the Butterfly 200 x 150 cm on 2 light stands, two Pro-Clamp with Grip Head can be used which allow for the tilting angle of the panel to be adjusted (see "Add mounting accessories" option on the right). These clamps are compatible with various stands central column diameters. 

  • Size: 200 x 150 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Packed size: 160 x 10 x 10 cm
Package Content

Package Content

Q&A (1)

Q & A ( 1 )


From Aljaz


I have question about mounting butterfly on C-Stand, which grip do you suggest?


Hi Aljaz, To connect the butterfly with the C-Stand we recommend using two of these clamps (one on each stand) : https://cinelight.com/studio-clamps-couplers/pro-clamp-with-eccentric-cams
Using the one of the openings of the eccentric cam you can attach the clamp on the lightstand central column and using the pro-clamp side you grip the butterfly frame.


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Reviews (1)

Reviews ( 1 review )




Not as pirctured.

Honestly, I'm a little disappointed.
The corners aren't reinforced like on the picture. The frame feels even more flimsy than I expected. It does deploy and break down very fast, but I would've liked more stability (like on the pictures) in stead of speed.
Besides that, It's very difficult to mount the grid in front of the diffusion. There's only the velcro in the four corners, which is very hard to apply because the grid seems a little bit too small for the frame. I can only fasten two out of four corners with the velcro. Also there's no way to secure the grid in any other place than the four corners. There's no eyelets or something like that to place bungees or rope.

If it wouldn't be this much hassle I would've returned my product, sadly. Hopefully Cinelight can reply to me with a little explanation about these issues. You can probably find out who I am from your recent orders. I'm the one from the Netherlands.

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