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Wall Spreader Set for Pipe 48 mm KCP-712 KUPO
Wall Spreader Set for Pipe 48 mm KCP-712 KUPO Studio Wall Spreader Boom Autopole Kupo KCP-712, Matthews 429025 Studio Wall Spreader Set KUPO KCP721 Studio Grip Tool Studio Wall Spreader Set Cinema Studio Accessory Studio Wall Spreader Set Video Studio Accessory Studio Wall Spreader Set

Wall Spreader Set for Pipe 50 mm

  • Can be used horizontally & vertically 
  • Fit pipe sizes between 45-50 mm
  • Solid chrome plated steel construction 
  • 15 cm adjustable length 
  • Non-slip rubber wall plates 
  • 13.5 x 13.5 x 0.5 cm wall plates
  • 13 cm deep pipe receiver
  • Similar to: KCP-712, 429025 
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The wall spreader kit is a 3 pieces system used to create an on location support beam or pole. 

Can be used both vertically between the ceiling and floor or horizontally between walls.

A 45 to 50 mm diameter pipe is inserted between the wall spreader ends.

The solid chrome plated steel construction with rubberized wall plates ensure a tight fit between the surfaces. 

The telescopic end of the spreader has an adjustable length up to 15 cm and it is used to tighten the pipe.

Designed to act like a background support or an overhead beam for hanging grip and lighting equipment.

Similar to other brands wall spreaders: KCP-712, Matthews 429025 



Grip & Mounting

Grip type Plate
Openings 45-50 mm
Maximum payload N/A
Color Chrome
Material Steel
Weight 4.2 kg
Package Content

Package Content

Q&A (3)

Q & A ( 3 )


From Sven


Hola, que grosor de pared deberían tener los tubos?


Hola / hi,
Recomendamos que el grosor de los tubos añadidos sea de al menos 1 mm y que se calcule en función de la longitud y la carga útil prevista.
We recommend for the thickness of the added tubes / pipes to be at least 1 mm and should be scalled according to length and intended payload.


From Adrian D.


HI, in the description it is listed as 50mm pipe but in the specifications it is listed as 45-50mm. Can you please specify the pipe diameter?? Have pipes that are 50mm outer diameter and already bought frame corners that are listed as to be used for 50mm when in reality it has to be a pipe with diameter of 47.5mm. It has to be clear and measured correctly. Thanks


Hi Adrian,
The measured inner diameter is approx. 50.8 mm, meaning that a 50mm diameter pipe should fit it


From Martin


Hi, can this wall spreader be used with this pipe:
Global Truss F31100 50mm outer diameter



Hi Martin,
Yes, the spreader should work with a 50mm pipe.

Best regards,
Alex - customer support


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