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Studio Tungsten Light Soft Space Light 6Kw
Studio Tungsten Light Soft Space Light 6Kw Spacelight 6000 watts - 6 lamps Cinelight Soft Tungsten Light - Spacelight 6K Studio Soft Light - Spacelight 6000W - 6 Lamps Cinema Soft Studio Light - Spacelight 6K - 6 Lamps Studio Video Tungsten Light Spacelight 6000W Spacelight 6000W Tungsten Studio Light Tungsten Soft Studio Light - Spacelight 6K Studio Tungsten Light - Spacelight 6000W - 6 Lamps Film Studio Soft Light - Spacelight 6K Cinelight Video Light - Spacelight 6000W TV Studio Tungsten Light - Spacelight 6K

Spacelight 6000 watts - 6 lamps

  • Power: 6000W
  • Lamp socket: R7S - 117 mm
  • Fixture height: 26 cm
  • Diameter: 70 cm | Total weight: 16 Kg 
  • White diffusion silk skirt height: 100 cm
  • Black opaque silk skirt height: 120 cm
  • Chinese lantern look tungsten soft light
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Osram - 1000W
Light Dimmer 6000W

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Industry's multi-directional lantern look light 

     The Cinelight Spacelight 6K is the ideal solution for photographers and videographers looking to evenly illuminate large area setups. The Space Light provides overall scattered light and is commonly used hanged on studio installations to fill the setups with a general soft overhead lighting. It is also an excellent light source for exterior setups to simulate the skylight.


Six 1K nook lights with individual on/off switch

    This tungsten light uses six 1K nook lights configured in a circular pattern, pointing down into a white diffusion silk cylinder. Each nook light is equipped with a safety screen to prevent any accident. The lamps can be individually controlled either on a dimmer or by individual on/off switches at the distribution point.

Versatile Chinese lantern look fixture 

    The Spacelight 6K can only work hanged by the included chains to a compatible hook or rig. The white silk skirt can be used to soften the light and get that Chinese lantern effect, while the black skirt reduces the output for a more directional control. At the bottom of silk cylinder is a round diffusion ring to which a diffusion material or gel can be clipped.


Solid metal construction with bottom legs for storage

     The rugged sheet metal construction of the lamphead features black powder coated enamel finish which is resistant to high temperatures. Three included legs can be easily screwed on the lamphead's base to safely stack the Spacelight for storage.

Key Features:

  • 6 x 1K tungsten lamps disposed in a circular pattern 
  • individual on/off switches for each lamp
  • dimmable using an external dimmer pack
  • can be used only hanged by chains 
  • includes white silk skirt for multi-directional Chinese lantern look
  • includes black skirt for directional downward conned light effect
  • the lamphead is equipped with legs for easy storage
  • white skirt length: 100 cm
  • black skirt length: 120 cm


Tungsten - Flood

Beam type flood
Rated power 6000 watts
Voltage input 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Lamp type P2/20 - 114mm 1000W
Lamp socket R7S
Color temperature 3200K
Beam angle 180°
Photometrics N/A
Housing color Black
Housing material Metal
Power connector type 2 x CEE 2P+E
Power cord total length 3.5 m
Lamp head dimensions 70 x 130 cm
Lamp head weight 16 kg
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Package Content

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Accessories & Bundles

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Great "skylights" for big studios

I work in a big production film set and there is a great need for fill light for most of the scenes. Got 4 units of this model and we achieved exactly the desired effect of 'skylights". They are very powerful but caution must be taken, as they tend to heat up the space quite a bit. We also appreciated the carefully packing. Great services Cinelight!

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Junior Fresnel 150 watts
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  • High quality Fresnel lens with short focal length
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