CineFlo 4FT 4Bank - Select
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CineFlo 4FT 4Bank - select

  • Power: 300W
  • Lamp type: G13 KinoFlo True Match T12 75W
  • Lamp control: Analog ON/OFF - four switches
  • Size & weight: 130 x 33 x 7.5 cm | 5.2 kg
  • External flicker free 4 bank - select ballast
  • Detachable harness with color labeled lamp cables
  • Lightweight polypropylene housing with reinforced ends


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Geantă pentru CineFlo 4FT
MTP-B41 Montare cu receptor cu spiță

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Flicker-free fluorescent soft light source


    The CineFlo lighting fixture is one of the most common fluorescent light used on big productions studios, in still photography and movie pictures. This flicker-free soft light source is the perfect choice for "infinity" white cycloramas and chromakey (blue/green screen) lighting. With its narrow profile and size, the CineFlo could deliver the quality of bounced light sources without compromising any space on the set. All the components and accessories are fully compatible with the Kino Flo brand. 

Lightweight polypropylene housing with detachable wiring harness 

    Designed with flexibility in mind, the tubes, wiring harness, and reflector can be quickly stripped out of the housing and employed in any number of configurations as needed. The whole lamphead is lightweight enough to be taped to a wall. The housing is made from polypropylene and has reinforced ends, to withstand intensive everyday use on busy sets.

Built-in barndoors and detachable louver

     To control the light emitted by the CineFlo, the built-in barndoors can be used to narrow the beam angle and the detachable louver to reduce the intensity. Also, the barndoors, when closed, protect the lamps during shipping and handling. 

Daylight and tungsten balanced fluorescent tubes

     To adapt to different shooting conditions, both tungsten (5600K) and daylight (3200K) fluorescent lamps can be used. Each lamp can be individually switched on and off to obtain the desired output from the fixture. The detachable lamp harness has 4 different individual cables, shorten to the length and color labeled to easily match each lamp separately, without any hassle or confusion generated along the process. 

Professional high frequency ballast


    The ballast is manufactured from high quality components, matching the increased performance and durability of higher cost competitors. The ballast is designed to operate the lamps at 24'000 Hz, 400 times faster than traditional ballasts, ensuring a flicker-free operation at any shutter speed. Includes an easy to change power fuse to protect the ballast against electrical shocks.

    The ballast has 4 separate switches to control each lamp individually and adjust the light output accordingly. 

    Our CineFlo 4Bank select ballast features an additional high-output/standard-output toggle switch. By using the high-output setting for 4FT (75W) lamps and the standard setting for 2FT (40W) lamps, the same ballast can work for both CineFlo 4FT and 2FT fixtures.


MTP-K41 twist-lock mounting plate 


     The omni-mount (MTP-K41) twist-lock plate and is an universal mount designed for single, double and 4 bank fixtures and up to 4ft size. The MTP-K41 features four capture points and a lock pin to secure it on the back of the CineFlo and mounts it on a 3/8" receiver. This mounting plate is designed to work with a grip head allowing placing the fixture in virtually any position. An optional baby-receiver mount (MTP-B41) is available to mount the CineFlo directly on top of a light stand.




Tipul de fascicul inundație
Putere nominală 300 watts
Photometrics 1m: 2600 lx | 2m: 780 lx | 3m: 360 lx
Temperatura de culoare 3200K / 5600K
Clasificarea CRI 97
Ratingul TLCI 97
Tipul de lampă F75/T12
Soclu pentru lampă G13 Med BiPin
Nr. de lămpi 4
Gama de atenuare 100% / 75% / 50% / 25%
Tipul de balast External, 4 bank select
Control DMX Nu


Putere nominală 300 watts
Intrare de tensiune 230V 50Hz
Tipul de balast External, 4 bank select
Nr. de balasturi 1
Frecvența balastului 24000 Hz
Factorul de putere al balastului 98
Tipul de conector de alimentare CEE 7/4 - Schuko
Lungimea totală a cablului de alimentare 7.0 m


Montare pe jug 3/8" rod
Culoarea carcasei Negru
Material carcasă Plastic și aluminiu
Dimensiuni ale capului de lampă 130 x 33 x 7.5 cm
Greutatea capului de lampă 5.2 kg
Dimensiuni balast 35 x 23 x 6 cm
Greutatea balastului 3.1 kg
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Fabulous, well made lights

Love these lights. Compatible with Kinoflo tunes. Great light. Well made. Affordable. Couldn’t be happier.


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Very good value for the money

I find the lollipop mount better designed than on other brands. The internal electronics from ballast are high quality and well organised in the board. Easy to replace individual bank ballast in case of failure without having to change the whole ballast = easy to service.


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CineFlo 4ft/4b

I`m very satisfied! This product is working perfect!


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CineFlo 4ft/4b

I`m very satisfied with this fixture! It`s working perfect!

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