HMI Compact Fresnel 200 watts kit

HMI Compact Fresnel 200 watts kit

  • Power: 200W
  • Light output 3m: 7500lx (spot) / 1120lx (flood) 
  • Daylight-balanced (6000K) Fresnel spotlight
  • Single ended line of Metal-Halide lamps (HMI*)
  • Adjustable beam angle from spot 9° to flood 50° 
  • High quality Fresnel lens with short focal length
  • Sturdy die cast aluminum construction
  • Includes: ballast, power cable, barndoors, case


Stoc Delivery: 3-4 weeks
Cantitatea minima de cumparat pentru acest produs este 3.

High output, daylight-balanced Fresnel spotlight

     The Cinelight Compact 200 HMI light is a high output, daylight Fresnel spotlight designed for the TV/Film industry where a sharp cutting, intense field of light is required. Using the single ended line of Metal-Halide lamps (HMI*), the fixture delivers excellent quality daylight output from a small, compact package. 

True Fresnel lens and smooth focusing mechanism

     The high quality Fresnel lens with short focal length and wide angles increases the light output and delivers superior optical performance.  The adjustable focus from spot (9°) to flood (50°) makes it easy to obtain the desired intensity or beam width.

Fully die cast aluminum housing

     The Cinelight Compact 200 HMI is using a series of aluminum extrusions and aluminum corrosion castings for the housing to quickly dissipate the heat that comes from the light bulb, therefore increasing the lamp's life. The amount of time needed for the fixture to cool down is reduced so it's easier to handle. 

High speed & flicker-free HMI ballast 

    As with any HMI fixture, the Cinelight HMI Fresnel lights require a ballast in order to function. The Cinelight HMI electronic ballast complies to the industry's high demanding requirements: flicker free, very low noise, high output and stable long-term operation. The ballast features a rugged and compact design for easy handling on the field.

    The ballast employs the ALF technology (Active Line Filter) which minimizes the power line interference, providing a higher Power Factor for a more efficient power use. This translates to a consistent color temperature and flicker-free dimming, despite power line voltage fluctuations. 

    The dedicated high-speed function of the ballast drives the lamp to 300Hz or 1kHz to ensure a flicker-free image in slow motion shootings. 

    The ON/OFF power switch on the ballast control panel allows for hot re-striking, while the dedicated dimming knob vary the power down to 50%. 

    Safety circuits such as over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit protection provide a safe and reliable operation.

Transport case included

     For easy transportation and safe storage, a hard case is included which accommodates the kit's components: HMI Fresnel lamp head, electronic ballast, power cable and  metal barndoors.

Wide range of applications in the film industry

     The daylight-balanced output provided by the HMI fixtures is an essential artificial lighting source in many situations (for example, for supplementing the natural daylight in a scene or when tungsten-balanced scenes require a blue “moonlight”). Another common application is making sunlight effects through window, both on location and inside a studio setup. The HMI Fresnel can be used along with a diffusion panel or bounced into a reflective surface to create a large soft lighting source.

    Available only on pre-order with delivery time of 8-12 weeks.  




Tipul de fascicul spot
Putere nominală 200 watts
Tipul de lampă HMI 200W/SE
Soclu pentru lampă GZY9.5
Temperatura de culoare 6000K
Unghiul fasciculului 9°-50°
Modul spot fotometric 3m: 7500lx | 5m: 2700lx | 10m: 675lx
Mod de inundație fotometrică 3m: 1120lx | 5m: 400lx | 10m: 100lx
Tipul de obiectiv Fresnel
Dimensiunea obiectivului 112 mm
Dimensiunea fantei de filtrare 168 mm
Dimensiunea fantei Barndoors 168 mm
Tipul de selector Spot-Flood Mecanică
Montare pe jug Receptor de 16 mm
Culoarea carcasei Gri și albastru
Material carcasă Aluminiu
Dimensiuni ale capului de lampă 37 x 23 x 18 cm
Greutatea capului de lampă 3.9 kg

HMI - Balast

Puterea balastului 200W
Puterea liniei de balast 235VA
Curentul nominal al balastului 0.9A-2.6A
Tensiunea de funcționare a balastului 90-265VAC
Frecvența balastului 50-60 Hz
Caracteristicile curentului de balast square wave, 200Hz
Factorul de putere al balastului 0.98
Gama de reglare a intensității balastului 100%-50%
Pornirea balastului Hot re-strike
Control DMX Nu
lungimea cablului de alimentare a balastului 7.0 m
Lungimea totală a cablului de alimentare 3.5 m
Tipul de conector de alimentare CEE 7/4 - Schuko
Dimensiuni balast 14 x 14 x 21 cm
Greutatea balastului 3.0 kg
Clasa de protecție a balastului IP22
Conținutul pachetului

Conținutul pachetului

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