Junior Fresnel 650 watts
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Junior Fresnel 650 watts

  • Putere: 650W
  • Putere de iluminare: 15750lx (spot) / 3260lx (flood) @ 2m
  • Dimensiuni: 37 x 23 x 18 cm | 3,9 Kg
  • Unghiul fasciculului reglabil de la 12° spot la 55° flood
  • Lentile Fresnel de înaltă calitate cu distanță focală scurtă
  • Construcție robustă din aluminiu turnat sub presiune
  • Opțional: softbox, scrim kit, ramă filtre, dimmer


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Osram Lampă - 650W
Ramă filtre
Scrim Kit
Scrim Kit
Dimmer 1000W (max.)
Kit Softbox - 70x50 cm
Conector Softbox

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Superior quality built in and increased performance


     The Cinelight Junior Fresnel 650W has a robust die cast aluminum construction, fully compatible with third parties accessories (ARRI, Filmgear). The product is designed for the European market and includes high quality components that truly stand out among all the variety of tungsten Fresnel lights available.

True Fresnel lens and smooth focusing mechanism

     The high quality Fresnel lens with short focal length and wide angles increases the light output and delivers superior optical performance.  The adjustable focus from spot (12°) to flood (55°) makes it easy to obtain the desired intensity or beam width.

Fully die cast aluminum housing


     The Cinelight Junior Fresnel 650W is using a series of aluminum extrusions and aluminum corrosion castings for the housing to quickly dissipate the heat that comes from the light bulb therefore increasing the lamp's life. The amount of time needed for the fixture to cool down is reduced so it's easier to handle.

European safety regulations compliant

     The Junior Fresnel 650W complies with the European CE safety standards. The fixture is provided with a 3 core power cable with earthing wire. Also, the ceramic lamp socket features insulated wiring to protect against the heat generated by the light bulb.

Wide range of applications

    Being one of the workhorses of the industry, the Fresnel Junior 650W can be used for music videos and film productions, interviews, studio lighting and product photography. The fixture can act as main subject light, background light, accent light, contour / rim light and can be placed anywhere a compact, yet powerful lamphead is required.

Key Features:

  • true Fresnel lens increases light output 
  • adjustable focus from spot 12° to flood 55° beam angle
  • sturdy die cast aluminum construction, corrosion resistant 
  • aluminum extrusions ensure proper heat dissipation form the lighting bulb
  • ceramic lamp socket with insulated wiring
  • solid metal yoke bar with 5/8" spigot receiver
  • compatible with third parties accessories (ARRI, Filmgear)


Tungsten - Fresnel

Tipul de fascicul spot
Putere nominală 650 watts
Intrare de tensiune 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Tipul de lampă CP/89 650W ; CP/82 500W ; CP/81 300W
Soclu pentru lampă GY9.5
Temperatura de culoare 3200K
Unghiul fasciculului 12°-55°
Modul spot fotometric 15750lx | 3m: 7000lx | 4m: 3900lx
Mod de inundație fotometrică 3260lx | 3m: 1450lx | 4m: 815lx
Tipul de obiectiv Fresnel
Dimensiunea obiectivului 112 mm
Dimensiunea fantei de filtrare 168 mm
Dimensiunea fantei Barndoors 168 mm
Tipul de selector Spot-Flood Mecanică
Montare pe jug Receptor de 16 mm
Culoarea carcasei Gri și albastru
Material carcasă Aluminiu
Lungimea totală a cablului de alimentare 7.0 m
Tipul de conector de alimentare CEE 7/4 - Schuko
Clasificare IP 23
Dimensiuni ale capului de lampă 37 x 23 x 18
Greutatea capului de lampă 3.9 kg
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Conținutul pachetului

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De la Vinter A.


I’m interested in buying some 650W light, do you offer warranty?


Hi Vinter, all our products have 2 years warranty for private persons.


De la Marco I.


Does the optional softbox fits the Arri 650 Plus?


Yes, the optional softbox is compatible with other brands of 650W Fresnel fixtures like: ARRI Junior Fresnel 650W Plus or Filmgear Fresnel 650W.


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Întrebarea dvs. a fost trimisă cu succes echipei noastre. Vă mulțumim pentru asta!
Recenzii (6)

Recenzii ( 6 comentarii )


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Tolles Material

Wir sind sehr zufrieden mit der Qualität-Preis-Leisung. Klasse Ausrüstung, Werden bald Aufrüsten.


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Extensive review

You can check an extensive review on this blog: https://samisanpakkila.com/2012/08/cinelight-tungsten-fresnel-lighting-kit/

Cinelight products are a great value for money. They compare well for example with the more expensive Arri lights. Although the Cinelight build quality might feel a bit plastic at times, it is still almost as good as their more expensive counterparts. The great thing about them is that if a clumsy assistant accidentally happens to hammer one down, it isn’t too expensive to replace.


De la


Withstands rentals abuse and perform better than expected.

Bought a mix of 300W / 650W / 1KW and 2KW fixtures four my equipment rental company and I'm very happy with it. It's made out of good materials with good and even light output. My customers were at first skeptical but after using them they started to rent them on regular base. Planing to check also the bigger boys 12KW and 24KW.


De la


Better than expected

Bought 4 650W units and I have to say that it is better than I was expecting (build quality, materials, output... everything)!! From the first day used them on a feature extensively (14-16 hours per day) and works really fine, no problems at all and withstand the daily production abuse. We also had some FilmGear Fresnel's on the set and compared them. From my point of view the Cinelight brand is over FilmGear and many others in terms of quality, abuse resistant and light output. I'm working as gaffer and DOP in Austria film industry.


De la


Build quality and performance as good as reference brand.

I bought a kit with three of these Fresnel lights, love them! The workmanship is really high and similar to expensive brand. I've noticed a slightly higher output (in spot mode and flood mode) on this Cinelight fixture than on similar model from a well known brand.
For me it was a good investment and plan to buy more (2 x Fresnel 300 , 1 x Fresnel 1000) for my studio.
The only cons I can find is that the power plug is not compatible in my country. We have the grounding as a male pin in the power socket and this power plug doesn't have a hole in the middle of the plug as PC-type connectors have. The good thing is that the plug is very easy to change and doesn't require any specials tools. Just a screw driver and two minutes.


De la


Well worth the purchase!

For the first order I had some doubts about this company and product quality. Everything was perfect so recently I have ordered several more 650W & 1000W fixtures. Overall: quality product, prompt support and fast delivery! A + +

Your Review has been successfully sent our team. Thanks for this!

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Secure Wire - 45 cm Studio Secure Wire - 45 cm
  • Asigură luminile atunci când sunt agățate de tavan sau de grilă
  • Fabricat din metal
  • Lungime: 45 cm
  • Diametru: 1,5 mm
  • Sarcină utilă: 5 kg
  • Ca: SW-02
/ €1000
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Softbox Connector for Fresnel 2000 W
  • Conector softbox pentru Junior Fresnel 2000W
  • Design universal, construcție complet metalică
  • Potrivit pentru cutiile moi dreptunghiulare și octogonale
  • Compatibil cu corpurile de iluminat Cinelight, ARRI, Filmgear
  • Diametru de montare: 24,2 cm
/ €6900
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Reflector 2in1 silver / gold with handle Video Accessory Reflector 2in1 silver / gold with handle
  • Reflector triunghiular cu două fețe
  • Mâner încorporat pentru operare ușoară
  • Latura argintie pentru a crește evidențele speculare
  • Partea aurie pentru un efect de încălzire
  • Design pliabil
  • Include o husă de transport cu fermoar

/ €2900
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Film Light Tungsten Pack 3 x Junior Fresnel 650W
  • 3 x Proiector Tungsten Fresnel 650W
  • 3 x Voleuri metalice
  • 3 x Cablu alimentare 7m

/ €68700
Stoc epuizat
Junior Fresnel 650 watts
  • Putere: 650W
  • Putere de iluminare: 15750lx (spot) / 3260lx (flood) @ 2m
  • Dimensiuni: 37 x 23 x 18 cm | 3,9 Kg
  • Unghiul fasciculului reglabil de la 12° spot la 55° flood
  • Lentile Fresnel de înaltă calitate cu distanță focală scurtă
  • Construcție robustă din aluminiu turnat sub presiune
  • Opțional: softbox, scrim kit, ramă filtre, dimmer
/ €22900
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