CineFLEX "4FT" 100W Bi-Color 3-Light Kit
Studio Light LED CineFLEX 4FT Bi-C Light Stand 260 cm Carrying bag for 3 stands - 100 cm LED Light Flexible Studio Panel CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color - Controller Studio Light Panel CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color - Controller Details LED Panel CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color - Dimensions Video LED Panel Flexible CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color Flexible Light LED Panel CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color Film Light Flexible Panel CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color - Color Transition Film Light Studio LED Panel CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color - Mounting Studio Panel Flexible Light CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color - Softbox LED Light Flexible Panel CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color - Remote Control Light LED Studio Panel CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color - Extension Cable Video Studio Accessory Light Stand 260 cm 2.6m Studio Light Stand

CineFLEX "4FT" 100W Bi-Color 3-Light Kit

  • 3 x CineFLEX "4FT" 100W Bi-Color
  • 3 x Power controller with digital display
  • 3 x Universal power adapter
  • 3 x X-Cross back frame
  • 3 x CineFLEX transport bag
  • 3 x Light stand 260 cm - air-cushioned  
  • 1 x Light stands transport bag
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CineFLEX "4FT" KIT Variantele CineFLEX "4FT" KIT


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CineFLEX "4FT" KIT Variantele CineFLEX "4FT" KIT
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Kit de cutiuță moale pentru CineFLEX "4FT"
Telecomandă cu ecran tactil CineFLEX Bi-Color
cablu de extensie de 6 m pentru CineFLEX Bi-Color

     Convenient, low profile LED lighting kit designed for both studio and location work. Photographers and videographers would appreciate the flexibility of these LED mats on most lighting setups.

     The basic kit configuration includes 3 x CineFLEX "4FT" Bi-Color LED mats, 3 x air-cushioned light stands as well as individual transport bags for both lights and one carrying bag for the light stands.

     Optional accessories like extension cables, softboxes and touch screen remote are available to furthermore increase the versatility of this 3-point lighting kit. 

  • Power: 100W
  • Light output: 3070lx @ 1m
  • CCT: 3000K-5600K | CRI 96 TLCI 98
  • Size: 120 x 20 x 1 cm | 560 g
  • Flexible and lightweight SMD mat 
  • Velcro back edging to mount on various surfaces
  • External power controller w/ touch digital display
  • DMX and 2.4GHz wireless remote control


Slim, lightweight and bendable 100W Bi-Color LED mat


     The CineFLEX 4FT Bi-Color is the latest model of flexible LED lighting panel that consists of a 20x120 cm bendable mat with incorporated bi-color LED SMDs rows of a 100W total power. This panel is 1 cm thick and about 0.5 kg heavy and can be mounted out-of-sight in almost any location.

Bi-Color & Dimmable  high CRI / TLCI SMDs

     The fixture uses 2in1 bi-color SMD chips with an adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 5600K, dimmable from 100%-10%, that almost reach an 180 degrees beam spread which  makes this fixture great for general fill lights. The rated TLCI index is 98 and CRI 96Ra.

External power supply with digital display 


    The CineFLEX comes with an external power controller with touch digital display that shows the color temperature, light intensity, radio channel number for remote control and also the battery remaining level. Having an external power controller, the panel can be conveniently placed into hard to access places and controlled from a convenient distance so it doesn't affect the shooting frame. 

    Optional extension cables are available for those situations when the distance between power controller and the LED mat must be increased.

    All the adjustments of the CineFLEX are made using the sensitive touch buttons on the external power controller that modify the light intensity, color temperature and channel assignment.  

3rd generation new features: DMX & 2.4G touchscreen remote


     The third generation of CineFLEX units introduced in 2018 are supplied with an improved power controller that now features built-in DMX512 capability with two Ethernet RJ45 in/out DMX ports and built-in support for wireless remote. A touchscreen wireless remote is now available as optional accessory for the 3rd gen CineFLEX. Using the intuitive touch screen controlls users can remotely adjust the color temperature or light intensity of one of several CineFLEX units from up to 50m distance.

Wide design suitable for full body lighting

     This new model from CineFLEX line has a wide design similar to industry's well-known CineFlo / KinoFlo 4FT 2Bank lamphead and can be used for same applications like: full body or larger objects lighting. 

Flexible design to twist and roll the LED panel in any form

     The flexible design allows the panel to be used in a variety of shapes such as cylinders, arcs and other more. For example, if rolled in a cylinder form, the panel can be used for a 360° panorama product photography or for long thin highlights in reflective objects. When twisted in an arc form, the CineFLEX can be used in product photography as an effective wrap-around lighting. Just choose the desired shape to mold the panel into and use adhesive tape to secure the final form.

X-Cross back frame with tilting mounting bracket for light stands


     The CineFLEX can be mounted on a light stand using the included X-cross back frame with built-in tilting mounting bracket with bottom standard spigot 16 mm receiver. This mounting system allows the panel to be tilted up and down, panned to the sides or 360 degree rotated. For a convenient use, the X-Cross back frame has a collapsible design and can be easily folded to be carried around and stored. 

Adhesive Velcro back edging 

     The CineFLEX features a built-in Velcro back edging that allows customizable mounting to any grip-on surface. Having a thin profile, the CineFLEX can be placed in tight spaces like vehicle / boat / plane interiors, elevators or even inside objects for product photography. Also, using the adhesive Velcro design, multiple panels can be joined together to form a large LED wall.

Optional mounting frame to grip the CineFLEX on a C-Stand

     Also an optional mounting frame can be used to grip the CineFLEX to a C-Stand using a classic grip head and convert the LED fixture into a light emitting flag panel to produce light or flip the panel to block the light just like any standard black flag. 

Optional softbox to soften the light

     Another optional and very useful accessory for the CineFLEX is the softbox that attaches in front of the panel using the Velcro edges and softens the light output, making the CineFLEX suitable for close-up lighting or for applications where a uniform even lighting is required.

Powered via universal AC-DC power adapter

Studio_Flexible LED_Light Transport_Bag.jpg

     The unit can be powered either from a 100V-240V power socket using the included universal AC-DC power adapter or from an V-mount battery using the built in V-lock plate, making the CineFLEX suitable for both studio and location applications. 

     *Note: for battery powering: users must ensure that installed V-Mount battery is capable to offer at least 7A power output.

Includes transport bag for easy storage and carrying 

     Having a slim and foldable design, the panel can be easily folded and rolled for storage and transportation. The package includes a tube case and a transport bag to fit inside the CineFLEX panel and power controller, making this type of lighting instrument an obvious solution for travelling photographers and filmmakers. 


Key Features:

  • flexible, slim and lightweight LED mat, can be used in a variety of shapes (arc, cylindrical) 
  • similar design and functionalities like CineFlo KinoFlo 4FT 2Bank lamphead 
  • bi-color SMD LEDs 3000K - 5600K, dimmable 100%-10%
  • high CRI 96 | TLCI 98 index for natural color rendering on cameras
  • remote controlling through built-in DMX512 function or optional 2.4G wireless remote
  • Velcro back edgings for mounting in variety of places
  • external power controller with digital display
  • can be mounted on a light stand using the included X-cross back frame


Putere nominală 100 wați
Tipul de fascicul inundație
Tip LED Bi-Color
Intrare de tensiune 15V
Temperatura de culoare 3000K-5600K
Clasificarea CRI 96
Ratingul TLCI 98
Unghiul fasciculului 120°
Photometrics 1m: 3070 lx | 2m: 850 lx | 3m: 410 lx
LED nu 504
Gama de atenuare 100%-10%
Tipul de afișare Complex - monocrom
Suport pentru baterie V-Lock
Conector de tip plug in XLR-4P - mascul
Sursa de alimentare Extern, AC 100-240V 50 / 60 HZ
Tipul de conector de alimentare CEE 7/7
Lungimea totală a cablului de alimentare 5.0 m
Controlul funcțiilor locale Ecran tactil
Control DMX Da
Tipul de conectori DMX Ethernet RJ-45
Control APP Bluetooth / WIFI Nu
Telecomandă fără fir Da
Montare pe jug Receptor de 16 mm
Material carcasă Cordura
Culoarea carcasei Negru
Greutatea capului de lampă 0.5 kg
Dimensiuni ale capului de lampă 120 x 20 x 1
Dimensiuni controler 27.5 x 12,5 x 8 cm
Greutate controler 1.1 kg
  • Geantă de transport pana la 3 stative
  • Mâner de prindere pentru un transport ușor
  • Profilul subțire facilitează depozitarea și transportul
  • Lungime maxima stativ: 100 cm 


Geantă de transport Cordura pentru 3 suporturi de lumină (baby standuri). Profilul moale și subțire facilitează depozitarea și transportul, fiind de asemenea conceput pentru confort și durabilitate.

Poate fi transportată cu mânerul de prindere care funcționează foarte bine pentru un transport ușor.

  • Lungime: 100 cm
  • Greutate: 0,8 Kg

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