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  • Power: 25W
  • Light output: 500lx @ 1m
  • CCT: 2200K - 10000K
  • Size: 66 x 4.5 cm | 700g 
  • True-Tone SMD LED's | CRI 97 TLCI 99
  • RGB + Bi-Color LED's (RGBWW)
  • CCT / HSI / RGB Modes
  • Bi-Color HSI base
  • 30+ realistic lighting effects
  • Built-in battery | Runtime 4h+ 


/ €23900 save: €20.00
Status: In Stock

Dedicated accessories

Soft Grid 60
Wireless Remote
Battery Bank Handle
U-Clip w/ magnets
U-Clip w/ 3/8" screw
Single tube holder
Dual tube holder
Four tube holder
Kino Housing 4 x HUE 60
KIT Case 4 x HUE 60

Powering & batteries

Recommended Accessories


     CINETUBE HUE 60 – RGBWW is a highly portable LED light tube designed for photo and video applications. Having a low-profile tubular design with a rainbow of colors and effects available, the CINETUBE HUE is a creative tool frequently used in today's music videos, commercials or for special effects. 


Wide CCT range 2200K-10000K

    CINETUBE HUE series features a dual CCT mode:      

  • standard CCT mode with adjustable color temperature from 2500K to 6500K using the dedicated Bi-Color LED's, resulting the highest CRI (97) and TLCI (99) ratings for accurate color rendering on cameras
  • extended CCT mode (eCCT) with adjustable color temperature from 2200K to 10000K by combing the Bi-Color and RGB LEDs to extend the CCT range. This allows for example to seamlessly match the CINETUBE with the warmth of a candle light or the coolness of a clear blue sky

     The Plus / Minus Green function is available in CCT mode to perfectly blend the CINETUBE with the color cast of other lighting sources (HMI, Fluorescent or older generation of LED’s) or accurate color balancing with different camera sensors. Different camera manufacturers use different sensors which react differently to light. Some camera sensors may lean towards magenta, and some, more towards green. By making the CCT - G/M adjustments the light can be balanced so that it looks better for whatever camera system is used. 

RGB-WW individual channel control 

     With the CINETUBE HUE any color from the visible spectrum can be dialed using selective control of red, green and blue with individual intensity adjustment.  The dedicated warm and cool white LEDs enable the purer white tones which are more difficult to obtain using only the RGB LED's. Also, the white LEDs provide an extra scope of unique color mixing from vibrant, saturated shades to soft, beautiful pastels. 


HSI modes for intuitively color dialing 

     The HSI modes allow for intuitively color selection based on the 360° chromatic wheel. The vividness of a selected color is adjusted through the saturation function and the overall brightness is controlled by the dimming function. 

     For the RGBWW LEDs, a particular feature is to desaturate a color in the HSI mode to reach the white base and add a tint from any other color to create the desired custom white shade. The HSI mode also allows for the primary white base to be adjusted between 2500K and 6500K.


Remote controlling

     One or more CINETUBE units can be individually or simultaneously controlled from up to 50 m distance using the dedicated 2.4GHz remote. For a convenient use, the remote uses the same control layout as the CineTUBE. The over 6h runtime of the remote is ensured by the internal Li-Ion battery rechargeable through the micro-USB input.

30+ lighting effects mode

     The CINETUBE HUE offers combination of more than 30 lighting effects with adjustable parameters that replicate real life light sources and phenomena. Some of these effects are: alert, candle, club lights, color chase, police, explosion, fireworks, lamp flicker, strobe, storm lighting, paparazzi, TV screen flicker, welding These lighting effects presets enhance the user's creativity and production value, being the most accessible way to create impressive dynamic scenes from the touch of a button. 


Sturdy aluminum body

     The one piece die-cast aluminum body provides durability and ensures efficient passive heat dissipation for a stable, consistent high output over the service life. This also means a totally silent operation for the tube led. 

     The faceted design of the end caps prevent the rollover effect when placing the CineTUBE on a flat surface.

     The 3/8” end mount covered by a screw with a foldable hinge allows for the CINETUBE to be hanged by rope/ wire and by removing the screw, the optional handle with built-in powerbank can be mounted for conveniently hand holding the fixture and extending the battery range. 

Retrofit Kino tube design

     The CINETUBE resembles with classic T12 / T38 KinoFlo fluorescent tubes and can actually retrofit inside Kino 2FT/4FT housing to meet the nowadays requirements in terms of versatility, performance and efficiency. 

     The diameter of the CineTUBE main body is 38 mm and the overall diameter including the end-caps is 44.6 mm.

     The CINETUBE HUE 60 can be mounted inside of a classic 2FT Kino style housing. The conventional Kino ballast and harness are no longer required as the CineTubes are self-powered. 


Multiple powering options

     The built-in high capacity batteries with A grade Panasonic cells ensure a runtime over 4h for CINETUBE 60 when no other powering sources are available. 

     The two DC-in ports located on side and back offer more flexibility for mounting and powering without for the cables getting in the way. 

     The wide voltage range 12-20V allows for the CINETUBE to be powered from a variety for DC sources like 12V car battery, 14.8V V-Lock / AB batteries or 19V common notebook adapters. Optional cables and adapters are available in order to adapt to any shooting requirements.

     The optional high current 100V-240V AC adapter or the Dual V-Mount 14.8V DC adapter can be used to simultaneously power up to 8 x CINETUBE 60 units.

Wide selection of accessories 

     Accompanied by wide range of optional accessories the CINETUBE can fit in various lighting setups.

  • Soft grid attaches to the LED tube to narrow the beam angle and control the spill
  • Single, dual and four lamp brackets for mounting multiple CINETUBEs on a stand.
  • U-clips with dual thread 1/4" and 3/8" for connecting with various clamps 
  • U-clips with magnetic pads to easily attach a CINETUBE of metal objects
  • Cable extension and 2/4 way splitters for powering one or more CineTUBEs from a single high current AC/DC adapter
  • 4/8 tubes kit case for convenient storage and location assignments 

CineTUBE HUE Accessory Line

Foam padded transport bag

     The CINETUBE comes with included transport bag for convenient storage and carrying. Moreover, a foam-padded hard case is available for up to 4 CINETUBE units, suitable for various kit configurations. 


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LED Panels - Fixture

LED no 274
Beam angle 160°
Beam type flood
Photometrics 1m: 500 lx | 2m: 140 lx | 3m: 70 lx
Color temperature 2200K-10000K
TLCI rating 99
CRI rating 97
Dimming range 100%-0%
Cooling system Passive
Display type Complex - monochrome

LED Panels - Controls

Local functions control Analog
DMX control No
DMX connectors type N/A
Bluetooth / WIFI APP control No
Radio remote control Yes

LED Panels - Powering

Rated power 25 watts
Voltage input 12V-20V
Power source External, AC 100-240V 50 / 60 HZ
Battery Yes, built in 3200 mAh
Battery mount N/A
Plug in connector type Barrel 2.1 mm - female
Power cord total length 3.5 m
Power connector type CEE 7/7

LED Panels - Physical

Housing material Aluminum
Housing color Black
Lamp head dimensions 66 x 4.5 cm
Lamp head weight 0.7 kg
Package Content

Package Content

Accessories & Bundles

Accessories & Bundles

Q&A (1)

Q & A ( 1 )


From Bartosz


A few questions about the 60 tube. Does the 4h runtime apply at full power in cct? While using effects, for example strobe, can you change the speed, color temperature or hue?
Looking forward to your reply.


Hi Bartosz,
The estimated runtime of 4h is in CCT mode at 100%. Some effects allows to change the CCT or HUE and others have multiple variants (colors or patterns) of the same effect. Generally all effects allow to change the speed.


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Reviews (6)

Reviews ( 6 reviews )





I got a recommandation for the Cinetubes by a film-team. We fortunately got the chance to try them out for one day at the set. And I was immediatly convinced by the totally easy handling and the wonderful effects. They lighted up the whole scene of our theatre stage, the atmosphere and the humor of the audience and ourselves.(!!!) - Best invention and investment ever, especially when we work with cameras but also for "normal" stage shows. I also like, that they can be used cordless and that they are quite light to carry arround. I would also recommand the case, coming with it, fitting exactly for my bundle!! I give FIVE STARS and EVEN MORE, if the rating scala would offer more...!!




Great led tubes

I have received the whole series of the CineTube lights (30, 60 and 120) and really love the items. You can take your creativity to the next level as the lighting and colours combinations are endless. Really enjoying them also for my youtube studio.




Good deal!

+Good light output (way over Astera Pixel as lux output)
+Good colors accuracy,
+Nice and intuitive menu.
+Feels solid
+Good lasting battery (4h)
+Many effects in the gallery
+ Variety of accessories available.
+ Good price

-No App control (just remote control)
-No music sync
-No pixel mode
-No gels gallery




Gutes Geschäft!

Hohe Qualität. Hohe Lichtleistung. Viele Funktionen. Empfehlen




Excent Product

I've been waiting for this product for the past few months now and made sure to amongst the first to lay my hand on them.
I tried the CINETUBE 60 with a couple of attachments and I have to say,. I was impressed.
Build quality is very solid, so are the attachments.

I'm now about to purchase a couple of more 60 and 120's. Together with a remote, as it surely makes a difference.





Maybe my expectations were somehow lower given the price of this RGBWW LED tube comparative with others but .... wow! This light feels well made and with a very good light quality. Light output is impressive high (higher than a similar size Astera Pixel tube). Plenty of effects available and well organized into an intuitive navigation menu. Battery last me approx. 4h with light set at 5600K on max intensity which is very impressive considering the high output it has.
Looking now to purchase more tubes to build a complete set of 4 x 60 and 4 x 120 CineTubes and use them into my old KinoFlo housings.

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