Wireless Remote for CineTUBE HUE
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Wireless Remote for CineTUBE HUE

  • Wireless control up to 100 m
  • Individual & group control
  • 16 digital encoded channels
  • OLED display & intuitive operation
  • Rugged aluminum body
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2.4Ghz wireless remote with a covering distance of up to 50 m for convenient control of one or several CineTUBE HUE LED tube lights. 

For an intuitive use, the remote uses the same control layout as the CineTUBE fixtures.

Manages up to 16 channels for individual tube control or multi-tubes group control. All CineTUBES set on the same channel are treated as a group and all settings are simultaneously adjusted. Unlimited tubes can be set on the same channel ID.

When the remote is set to master channel "00" it controls all TubeLEDS altogether, no matter of their channel ID. Very handy when needing to do a mass ON/OFF operation or switching all tubes into lighting effects mode. 

Radio channels are digital encoded for interference free operation. 

The over 24h runtime of the remote is ensured by the internal Li-Ion battery rechargeable through the USB-C input.

Rugged full aluminum body.



Light Accessory

Accessories for CineTUBE
Overall size 9 x 6 x 3 cm
Color Black
Material Aluminum
Weight 0.1 kg
Package Content

Package Content

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Accessories & Bundles

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It's easy & intuitive to work with. Basically has the exact same menu as the CineTUBE HUE. You can control one or multiple tubes at once or individually.
Internal battery seams to last almost all day long.
Nothing really to complain about ... maybe that it's a bit small in my hand? ;)

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Delivery: 3-4 weeks

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