Studio LED Fresnel 200W Bi-Color

Studio LED Fresnel 200W Bi-Color

  • Power: 200W
  • Light output 2m: 12500lx (spot) / 5200lx (flood)
  • Color temperature: 3200K - 5600K | CRI 90+ RA
  • Adjustable beam angle from 15° to 60°
  • Smart thermal cooling design, no fans, noise-free
  • Size & weight: 33 x 48 x 52 cm | 11.5 kg
  • Similar housing to Junior Fresnel 2000W 
  • Local and DMX512 remote control. 


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     The Studio LED Fresnel's series provides a powerful, high quality and high CRI light that looks great with today's digital cameras. They are the ideal combination of classic Fresnel characteristics and all the advantages of latest LED technology. The Studio LED series are flicker free (tested at 3'000 fps), suitable for slow motion shootings. 

LED source into a classic tungsten Fresnel body

     The fixtures have been designed on the same body chassis as traditional tungsten Junior series with consideration for the accessories users may already own from the incandescent models. Barndoors, scrim kits, filter frames, softboxes or snoots all can be used with the new Studio LED fixtures.

     The full metal body housing is made using a series of light weight aluminum extrusions with aluminum corrosion resistant castings and steel parts ensuring a sturdy and robust construction for years to use in a professional environment. 

     The units are manufactured using the latest MASM technology (multi array surface mount) and adopt high quality and precise 3 layers optical elements for a clean and crisp beam spread.

Adjustable beam, light intensity and color temperature

     The Studio LED Fresnel features an adjustable beam angle from spot 15° to flood 60° using a mechanical focusing mechanism. The light output is dimmable from 100% to 0%, flicker free across the dimming range (tested at 3'000 fps), therefore suitable for slow motion shootings. This bi-color fixture offers the possibility to adjust the color temperature from 3200K to 5600K or anything in between. Each color temperature value is controlled by an individual dimmer so both colors can be switched to maximum brightness in order to obtain the highest light output from the fixture. 

Passive cooling design with no fans

     The Studio LED Fresnel fixtures are totally silent as no fans are used to cool down the LED; instead, a smart thermal cooling design with sealed gas is used as on high end computers. No fans means no noise coming from the fixture and virtually no maintenance is needed. The LED life span also reaches up to 50'000+ hours of use equivalent to 15 years of day by day use / 10 hours a day.  

Built-in industry standard DMX-512 controller

    The Cinelight LED Fresnel's are equipped with built in DMX 512 controller with single, master & slave functions, allowing for the brightness and color temperature to be controlled remotely from a DMX lighting console, making them perfect for TV studio installations, theaters, stages or conference rooms.  

24V DC socket for battery powering

    The lights run with low power consumption, so are extremely well suited to run on battery power, ideal for professional videographers, filmmakers and broadcast productions. Cinelight Studio LED Fresnel fixtures come equipped with a low voltage 24V DC socket for battery connection in addition to the main powered plug. 

    The Studio LED series are universal voltage capable AC 100V-240V and the IEC connector allows for fast change of power cable with local models. 

    Optional battery voltage converter unit (BVCU) is available for installing 14.8V V-Lock batteries to power the lights.  

Key features:

  • adjustable beam angle spot 15° - flood 60°
  • adjustable color temperature from 3200K to 5600K
  • accurate color rendering CRI 90+ RA
  • dimmable output from 100% to 10%
  • flicker free at high speed shooting rates
  • passive cooling: no fans, no noise, no maintenance
  • built-in DMX controller with XLR 3P connectors
  • digital display for brightness, color temperature and DMX address
  • compatible with tungsten Junior Fresnel 2000W accessories (scrims, frames, softbox)
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