Studio LED Light Spot CineDOT 100 Daylight
Studio LED Light Spot CineDOT 100 Daylight LED Light Spotlight CineDOT 100 5600K Cinema Lighting Video Studio Light LED CineDOT 100 Daylight TV Lighting Studio Spotlight LED CineDOT 100 5600K - Controller Film Studio Lighting CineDOT 100 Daylight - Details Studio TV Light LED CineDOT 100 5600K LED Light Studio CineDOT 100 Daylight - Package Content Cinema Studio LED Spotlight CineDOT 100 5600K - Transport Bag Spotlight LED Studio CineDOT 100 Daylight Film Light LED Spotlight CineDOT 100 5600K - Accessories Video LED Spotlight CineDOT 100 Daylight - Filters CineDOT 100 5600K - Specifications

CineDOT 100W 5600K

  • Power: 100W
  • Light output 1m: 9500lx (spot) / 2900lx (flood).
  • Color temperature: 5600K | CRI 97 TLCI 97
  • Size & weight: 27 x 15 x 15 cm | 1.8 Kg
  • Adjustable beam angle from 60° to 15° 
  • Touch screen external controller
  • Robust aluminum body construction 
  • Modifiers: softbox, snoot, honeycomb, filters
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Dedicated accessories

Light Modifiers Pack
Filter Pack - Conversion
Filter Pack - Diffusion
Filter Pack - Vivid


Charger for battery


     The newly released CineDOT 100 is a compact focusing LED lamp that uses a powerful Chip on Board (COB) technology to produce bright, directional lighting. 

Adjustable beam with dual lens optical design

  The main feature of the CineDOT 100 is the adjustable beam from a narrow spot (15°) to wide (60°) using a very intuitive, manual focusing mechanism similar to photo lenses. The crisp, single shadow is achieved using the double lens optical design with similar properties specific to Fresnel lens. The light beam can be shaped using the included 8-leaf barndoors or one of the optional accessories to obtain the desired effect. 

Solid, fully metal aluminum construction

    CineDOT 100 features a CNC machined aluminum body that ensures an effective heat dissipation through the solid & robust construction for years to use.  The upper handle is detachable and makes it easy to carry around and point the lamphead. 

    The proper thermal management of the lamp is provided by a quiet active cooling system. This allows for the fixture to operate at high power levels, maximizing the LED's operating life. When needed, the cooling fan can be turned OFF on a switch of a button. 

External controls through a touch display

    The CineDOT 100 comes with an external light controller with touch display that shows the color temperature, light intensity, radio channel for remote operation and also the battery remaining level when powered from an optional V-Lock battery.

    The controller can be mounted on the fixture's yoke bar for convenient operation. Also, using the included mounting clamp or the hanging strip, the controller can be attached to a light stand's central column or to one of the stand's legs to serve as an extra stabilizing weight (just like a sand bag would do). Having the external controller, the fixture can be raised at any height on a stand, keeping the controls into easy to reach position.

Wide range of light modifying accessories

    The CineDOT optional accessories are very useful to create the desired field of light and various effects:

         - the diffuser ball converts the CineDOT into a China ball providing  a 360° flood beam light with soft shadows

         - the softbox is used to obtain a larger soft light source, minimizing the shadows

         - the snoot is a conical modifier that concentrates the light beam into a narrow pattern to highlight a desired area.  The extra add-on louvers help to further narrow the beam and cut any light spill

         - the filter gels can be used to create different lighting colors, specially handy for background lighting effects

Included transport bag

     The CineDOT 100 package includes a foam padded bag. The bag is thick enough to offer some protection to the CineDOT 100, being also an indispensable accessory for location assignments.

Key Features:

  • true color rendering: CRI 97 | TLCI 97
  • daylight balance light source CCT 5600K
  • focus range: 60° - 15° degree
  • dual lens optical design for crisp, single shadow
  • photo lens style focusing mechanism
  • dimmable 100%-0%, flicker-free for slow-mo
  • CNC machined robust aluminum housing
  • intuitive touch screen controls
  • included barndoors to shape the light beam
  • included transport bag
  • optional light modifiers: diffuser ball, softbox, snoot, honeycomb, filters



LED Spotlight - Fixture

Rated power 100 watts
LED type Daylight only
LED no 1
Beam angle 15°-16°
Beam type spot
Photometrics spot mode 1m: 9500 lx | 2m: 3200 lx | 3m: 1600 lx
Photometrics flood mode 1m: 2900 lx | 2m: 800 lx | 3m: 380 lx
Color temperature 5600K
CRI rating 97
TLCI rating 97
Dimming range 100%-0%
Cooling system Active
Display type Complex - monochrome

LED Spotlights - Controls

Spot-Flood selector type Mechanical
Local functions control Touch screen
DMX control No
DMX connectors type N/A
WIFI control No
Remote control Yes

LED Spotlight - Powering

Rated power 100 watts
Voltage input 15V
Power source External, AC 100-240V 50 / 60 HZ
Battery mount V-Lock
Power cord total length 5.0 m
Power connector type CEE 7/7

LED Spotlights - Physical

Lens type Double condenser
Lens size 70 mm
Barndoors slot size 80 mm
Filter slot size N/A
Yoke mount Spigot 16mm receiver
Ballast type External
Housing color Black & yellow
Housing material Aluminum
IP rating N/A
Lamp head dimensions 27 x 15 x 15 cm
Lamp head weight 1.75 kg
Controller dimensions 21 x 21 x 7.5 kg
Controller weight 0.90 kg
Package Content

Package Content

Accessories & Bundles

Accesories & Bundles

Q&A (1)

Q & A ( 1 )


From Robbie Richardson


I have a question. The controller is the same as the one in the cineflex L pack? Or can it be used with this panel?


Hi Robbie! The controller looks the same but it's different inside in terms of electronics. Cannot be cross-paired between the fixtures. Connection cables are slightly different.


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Reviews (2)

Reviews ( 2 reviews )




Bright fresnel light!

For 7 months used this compact led fresnel and I appreciate the overall quality. I measured the CRI and TLCI values and I can tell they coincide with those on the product specifications. I like the yokebar style and the way you can tilt the light. The controller can act as a remote control when placing the light high on a stand and includes all adjustments.On the downside the focusing ring for the spot-flood mechanism is a little heavy to operate. My quick fix was to add some silicone based grease under the ring and now it rotates smoothly.




Fair price for good product!

I decided to swap my tungsten kit for an LED one and bought three of this using my old case. From the begining I can tell they are decent units, good materials used. Also the light quality it is quite good and does the job as expected. I'm not a very big fan of the external controller though but merging it with the lamphead would would have produced a bulkier body. They ship very fast and well packed. Thanks!

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  • Payload: 5 Kg
  • Maximum height: 410 cm
  • Folded length: 122 cm
  • Mounting: long neck spigot 70x16 mm
  • Material: aluminum
€3900 / €5900
In Stock
Lighting Equipment Shipping Cost
  • Metallic Honeycomb grid for Studio Cool 6x55W
  • Reduces the light spill, narrows the beam angle
  • Minimal impact on the brightness value
  • Easily slides in dedicated accessory slot
€6900 / €8900
Out of stock
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Lighting Equipment Shipping Cost
  • Type: electronic flicker Free
  • Line power: 1380VA (max.)
  • Power: 575W / 1200W
  • Supply voltage: 90-265VAC 50/60Hz L,N,PE
  • Nominal current: 17-6A
  • Power factor: 0.98
  • Dimming range: 50%-100%
  • Starting: cold start & hot re-strike
  • Dimensions: 200H x 290W x 350L mm
  • Weight: 9.5 kg

  • Articulated arm for lights & accessories
  • Aluminum tubes construction
  • 4 hybrid heads (mini double grip heads)
  • 16 mm spigots at the ends
  • Each section length is adjustable
  • Maximum length: 85 cm
€2900 / €3900