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CineCOB 120W Monolight Bi-Color
CineCOB 120W Monolight Bi-Color Film Studio LED Light CineCOB 120W Studio LED Light CineCOB 120W Cinema LED Light CineCOB 120W Monolight Video Lighting CineCOB 120W Studio LED Light CineCOB 120W Monolight Bi-Color Studio Light CineCOB 120 Monolight Bi-Color TV Studio Lighe CineCOB 120W Bi-Color CineCOB 120W Bi-Color - in use package content CineCOB 120W

CineCOB 120W Monolight Bi-Color

  • Power: 120W
  • Light output: 15'000 lx @ 1m
  • CCT: 3000K-6500K | CRI 97 TLCI 98
  • Size: 15.5x15x21.5 cm | 1 kg
  • Powerful True-Tone COB LED
  • Integrated controller & V-Mount
  • 6 pre-programmed lighting effect
  • 2.4Ghz remote operation 
  • Bowens type-S mount & light modifiers
Status: In Stock

Dedicated accessories

Focusing Lens
Diffuser Globe
Lantern Ball
Parabolic Softbox
Modifiers Pack
Intensifier Reflector 4X
Intensifier Reflector 6X
Intensifier Reflector 8X

Powering & batteries


     The CineCOB 120W is a compact and powerful monolight type fixture that employs a single 120W COB LED module to deliver an ultra-bright, bi-color output. 

Lightweight and compact design

     The lightweight aluminum chassis confers a sturdy construction and an efficient heat dissipation for a stable, consistent high output over the CineCOB’s service life. 

     Measuring only 15.5x15x21.5 cm and weighing only 1kg, the CineCOB is one of the most compact fixtures of this kind & power, making it suitable to fit in most travel kits. 


Powerful True-Tone COB LED

     The new CINECOB series uses the latest True-Tone COB LED engine specially developed for photo-video industry, reaching high scores for color index ratings (CRI 97 / TLCI 98). This enables accurate color rendering on cameras for professional looking results. 

     With just 120W power draw, the CineCOB produces a bright, even field of light with adjustable color temperature from 3000K to 6500K. The layout of colors in a matrix system ensures a homogeneous CCT mix inside the beam area, without colors separation.

Universal Bowens mount

     By adopting the commonly used Bowens type-S mount, the CineCOB 120 can be paired with a wide range of light modifiers such like softboxes & lantern globes, beauty dishes, snoots, intensifier reflectors, focusing lens available from various international brands. This makes CineCOB monolight one of the most versatile fixture to sculpt the light to suit most applications or creative visions.

     With one push of a button and a quarter turn the light modifiers can be quickly swapped out to keep up with today's speedy production schedules. 


2.4GHz remote control 

     The incorporated 2.4GHz radio technology enables remote operation of the fixture. The included long-range wireless remote is effective from up to 100m distance and can control one or more CineCOB units simultaneously if set on the same channel. This can save a considerable amount of time and effort when operating multiple CineCOBs on the set. The remote can also control the lighting effects. 

Intuitive controls

     The compact design of the CineCOB 120 with integrated controls and back V-mount plate translates into a tight fit system for a hassle-free user experience. The built-in digital display shows useful information like color temperature, brightness and radio channel values that can be easily adjusted by the dialer disc. 


6 Pre-programmed lighting effects

     The CineCOB 120 comes with 6 programmed lighting effects with adjustable parameters, as follows:

1. Paparazzi - simulates the light from a camera flash

2. Fireworks - simulates the light from fireworks show

3. Bad bulbs - simulates the light from flickering light bulbs 

4. Thunder flash - simulates the light from a thunderstorm

5. TV - simulates the light emitted by a TV screen

6. SOS - light is projected similar to SOS flashlight signals in Morse code (three short flashes, three long flashes, three short flashes)

    These lighting effects presets enhance the user's creativity and production value, being the most accessible way to create impressive dynamic scenes from the touch of a button.

Common powering options

     The CineCOB 120 can be powered via the included universal AC110-240V power adapter or from one 14.8 V-Lock battery using built-in V-Mount plate, making the fixture suitable for both studio and location use. The compact V-Mount battery series like our Mini 94Wh battery is a perfect match for this CineCOB when it comes to air-travel.



LED Spotlight - Fixture

Rated power 120 watts
LED type Bi-Color
LED no 1
Beam angle 160°
Beam type flood
Photometrics 1m: 15000 lx | 2m: 3400 lx | 3m: 1600 lx
Color temperature 3000K-6500K
CRI rating 97
TLCI rating 98
Dimming range 100%-10%
Cooling system Active
Display type Complex - monochrome

LED Spotlights - Controls

Dimming range 100%-10%
Local functions control Analog
DMX control No
DMX connectors type N/A
Bluetooth / WIFI APP control No
Radio remote control Yes

LED Spotlight - Powering

Rated power 120 watts
Voltage input 14.8V
Power source External, AC 100-240V 50 / 60 HZ
Battery mount V-Lock
Plug in connector type 4-pin
Power cord total length 5.0 m

LED Spotlights - Physical

Yoke mount Spigot 16mm receiver
Housing color Black
Housing material Aluminum
Lamp head dimensions 15.5 x 15 x 21.5 cm
Lamp head weight 1 kg
Package Content

Package Content

Accessories & Bundles

Accessories & Bundles

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