Light Modifiers Pack for CineDOT 100
Light Modifiers Pack for CineDOT 100 Studio Spot LED Light CineDOT 100 Daylight - Light Modifiers Pack Cinelight Studio LED Light CineDOT 100 - Light Modifiers Pack Video LED Light CineDOT 100 - Light Modifiers Pack

Light Modifiers Pack for CineDOT 100

  • Variety of light modifying accessories
  • Honeycomb grid
  • Diffuser ball
  • Snoot with detachable honeycomb grid
  • Softbox kit with diffuser
  • Filter pack
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Honeycomb grid

     The front honeycomb grid for CineDOT 100 offers a convenient way to control the light beam of the fixture. When mounted on the CineDOT, the honeycomb grid reduces the spill and narrows the beam angle.

  • Material: aluminum/plastic
  • Diameter: 11.4 cm
  • Weight: 45 g

Diffuser ball 

     The Diffuser Ball for CineDOT 100 when installed transforms the CineDOT into a lighting emitting ball, spreading the light almost 360 degree similar to a China ball or lantern light. Light diffused and shadows softened.

  • Material: plastic
  • Diameter:  15 cm
  • Weight:  105 g

Snoot with detachable honeycomb grid

     The snoot for CineDOT is a conical modifier that fits over the CineDOT head and shapes the light beam so it creates a very narrow spotlight effect. 

     The front detachable honeycomb grid helps to further narrow the light beam and to reduce the light spill.

     The snoot can be used with the CineDOT as background lighting effects, hair and contour lighting or as accent light. It is the ideal accessory to highlight subject details. 

  • Material:  aluminum
  • Dimensions:  11.4 x 16 cm
  • Weight: 90 g


     The Softbox for CineDOT 100 includes the softbox tent with silver interior and removable front diffusion.

     This softbox kit can be used along with the CineDOT fixture in two different configurations:

     - use only the softbox tent to increase the light output by almost 20% and reduce the side spill

     - add the front silk diffusion to obtain a larger soft light source to smooth the shadows

  • Dimensions: 20 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 80 g  

Filter Pack

     The filter pack for CineDOT can be used to create various color and diffusion effects.

     The filters can be mounted using the clips on the CineDOT's barndoors. 

     The pack includes 6 different colored filters:

     - diffusion filter to soften the shadows
     - green filter
     - red filter
     - orange filter
     - yellow filter
     - blue filter

  • Dimensions:  20 x 25 cm


Light Accessory

Accessories for CineDOT
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