Lantern Globe Softbox Monolight Bowens S-Mount COB LED Light Accessory
Lantern Globe Softbox Monolight Bowens S-Mount COB LED Light Accessory Globe softbox COB monolight LED Studio Light CineCOB Lantern Ball Softbox - Assembly Globe Diffuser for Monolight Studio COB Light

Lantern Ball Softbox for CineCOB

  • China-ball style softbox for CineCOB 180W/500W
  • Omni-directional soft light output
  • 65 cm diameter, 270° spread
  • Bowens type-S mount
  • Tension-based stainless steel frame & connector

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     The Lantern Softbox is a China-ball spherical diffusion for CineCOB 180W/500W that produces an ultra-soft wide beam.

     Designed to cast a large amount of soft light in every direction, the lantern style softbox can be used for creative ambient and portrait effects. The natural looking room light is perfect for real estate and architectural photography or as a fill for contextual location portraiture, when you need to light the area behind your subject. Can even be used as a key light for portraits and group photos. 

     The assembly uses a tension-based frame made from stainless steel rods to maintain its shape. The lantern softbox is quick and easy to set up by simply pushing down on the center column and bend into shape before locking into place near the base of the mount. The Bowens type-S mount connector is included.

     The Lantern Softbox diameter is 65 cm and can fit on various Monolight type fixtures with Bowen type-S mount. 

     Overall size: 65 x 55 cm



Light Accessory

Accessories for CineCOB
Overall size 65 x 55 cm
Color White
Material Nylon
Weight 1 kg
Package Content

Package Content

Accessories & Bundles

Accesories & Bundles

Q&A (1)

Q & A ( 1 )


From Peter


Does it work with other brands Bowens mount? Nanlite for example?


Hi Peter, It is generally cross-compatible with other brands monolights having the Bowen type-S mount.


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Reviews (2)

Reviews ( 2 reviews )




Bonne boule de diffusion

Tout va bien, fait bien le travail.
Facile à monter et à emballer.






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