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Space LED 8 - Bi-Color
Studio Space LED 8 - Bi-Color

Space LED 8 - Bi-Color

  • Power: 1200 watts
  • Light output: 14500 lx @ 3m
  • CCT: 2600K-6000K
  • Round shape as Space Light 9K
  • Beam focusing mechanism 
  • 8 pixel individual control
  • Wired DMX & Wireless DMX
  • Stand or hanged operation
  • Included black & white skirts 
  • Aka SpaceLite LED Light, LED Space light
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Status: DELIVERY: 8-12 WEEKS
The minimum purchase order quantity for the product is 2.

     The new Space LED 8 series are aimed to replace the classic incandescent Space Light 9KW. It is delivered with a black (opaque) cylindrical skirt and white (diffusion) cylindrical skirt with bottom cover. 

      The Space LED 8 designed to be suspended as a Space Light / overhead light but can also be mounted on a junior / combo stand like traditional Maxi-Brute / studio Dino light thanks to the included "U" support yoke with 28mm stud.

     The Space LED 6 delivers up to 1200W power from the 8 separate LED arrays. These LED arrays work simultaneously to provide adjustable color temperature from 2600K – 6000K, and a smooth dimmable output from 0% – 100% with no green or magenta shift at any brightness or CCT setting. Additionally in Pixel Mode is it possible to control each LED spotlight individually with full control over CCT and LUX, great for visual lighting effects.

     Adjusting the brightness, color temperature, FX or other settings can be done locally, from the back panel controller using an intuitive color menu system or remotely via wired DMX protocol and wirelessly via W-DMX CRMX by LumenRadio protocol. Additionally, the light can be controlled using a phone or tablet (IOS & Android) over WIFI 2.4Ghz network. Different control options are key in todays stage, tv studios & film making industry.

     In front of the LED's there is a Fresnel lens installed which ensures a smooth & uniform light within the beam area. 

     Particular to this model is the ability to modify the beam angle (narrow-wide) by synchronous adjusting the angle of the LED heads using a mechanical wheel control located on the back side. 

     The steel and aluminum materials used to build the Space LED 6 body contribute to a relative low weight of the fixture and also makes it robust to withstand the intensive studio use. Suitable for stage & film lighting rental companies,

     A combination of passive & active cooling systems provides excellent heat management with minimal sound. The low noise fan will start to spin only after the setpoint temperature of 70° is reached. 

  • Head only size & weight : 98W x 98H x 42D cm | 40 kg
  • Overall size & weight (including yoke bar): 117W x 124H x 42D cm | 45 kg
  • Can be used hanged by the chains (included) or mounted on a stand using the yoke bar (included)
  • Includes black & white skirt set
  • Optional accessories: softbox with grid, diffusion dome, transport case


LED Panels - Fixture

LED type Bi-Color
LED no 8
Beam angle 45°
Beam type semi-flood
Photometrics 3m: 14500 lx | 6m: 4500 lx | 9m: 2300 lx
Color temperature 2600K-6000K
TLCI rating 99
CRI rating 98
APP support Android & IOS
Dimming range 100%-0%
Dimming curves Yes
Wireless DMX CRMX
Cooling system Active
Display type Complex - color

LED Panels - Controls

Local functions control Analog
DMX control Yes
DMX connectors type XLR-5P
Wireless DMX CRMX
Dimming curves Yes
Bluetooth / WIFI APP control Yes
APP support Android & IOS
Radio remote control No

LED Panels - Powering

Rated power 1200 watts
Voltage input 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Power source Internal, AC 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Battery N/A
Battery mount N/A
Power cord total length 5.0 m
Power connector type CEE 7/7

LED Panels - Physical

Yoke mount Spigot 28mm pin
Housing material Metal
Housing color Black & blue
Lamp head dimensions 98 x 98 x 45 cm
Lamp head weight 40 kg
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Accessories & Bundles

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