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Softbox Kit for CineLED Studio 200W

Softbox Kit for CineLED Studio 200W

  • Includes front diffusion silk & soft grid
  • Detachable front diffusion for smooth shadows
  • Additional soft grid for directional light output
  • Softbox size: 
  • For CineLED Studio 200W Bi-Color & RGBW

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    Includes: softbox tent with silver interior, removable front diffusion and additional soft grid.

    To intensify the LED panel's light output, use just the softbox tent with silver interior. It will act like a intensifier hood.  

    By adding the front diffusion layer on the softbox, the CineLED S-200 panel becomes a broader soft light source.

    The additional soft grid front layer can be used to narrow down the beam spread and reduce the side light spill. 

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Package Content

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