CineFLEX HUE 100W RGBW 3-Light Kit
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CineFLEX HUE 100W RGBW 3-Light Kit

  • 3 x CineFLEX HUE 100W (RGB + Bi-Color)
  • 3 x controller with OLED display & V-mount
  • 3 x Support "X" frame for LED mat
  • 3 x CineFLEX transport case
  • 3 x Diffuser dome
  • 3 x Light stand 280 cm
  • 1 x Light stands transport bag

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CineFLEX HUE 100 kit variants:


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CineFLEX HUE 100 kit variants:
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Dedicated accessories

Diffuser Dome
Softbox Kit
Extension Cable 6m

Powering & batteries

Charger for battery


     Convenient, low profile LED lighting kit designed for both studio and location work. Photographers and videographers would appreciate the flexibility of these LED mats on most lighting setups.

     The basic kit configuration includes 3 x CineFLEX HUE 100W (RGB + Bi-Color) LED mats, 3 x air-cushioned light stands as well as individual transport bags for the lights and one carrying bag for the light stands.

     Optional accessories like extension cables, softboxes, diffuser domes and touch screen remote are available to furthermore increase the versatility of this kit. 

  • Power: 100W
  • Light output: 3100lx @ 1m
  • CCT: 2800K-10000K | CRI 97 TLCI 98
  • Size: 61 x 46 x 1 cm | 800 g
  • Full color RGBW LED flex mat
  • 21 Lighting effects (cop car, paparazzi, disco, ...)
  • ROSCO & LEE gels library
  • Multiple controls: CCT, HSI, RGB, XY, 
  • DMX512, Bluetooth APP & 2.4Ghz wireless control
  • PROMO: diffusion dome included


 Diffusion dome included in the package. 

     We have expanded our CineFLEX line with the newest CineFLEX HUE models that employ the latest RGB+W LED technology to deliver millions of rich and vibrant colors into a soft, wrap-around output.


Slim, lightweight & bendable 100W RGBW LED mat

     The CineFLEX HUE “L” unrolls into a 61x46 cm flexible LED mat that is only 1 cm thick and weights about 0.5 kg, thus being a versatile lighting instrument to use on the set. 

     The flexible design allows for the panel to be used in a variety of shapes such as cylinders, arcs and other more. For example, if rolled into a cylinder form, the panel can be used for a 360° panorama in small product photography or for long thin highlights in reflective objects. When twisted into an arc form, the CineFLEX can be used in product photography as an effective wrap-around lighting. Just choose the desired shape to mold the panel into and use adhesive tape to secure the final form.

     The CineFLEX features a built-in Velcro back edging that allows customizable mounting to any grip-on surface. Having a thin profile, the CineFLEX can be placed in tight spaces like car / boat / plane interiors, elevators or even inside objects for product photography. Also, using the adhesive Velcro design, multiple panels can be joined together to form a large LED wall.


White mode with extended CCT range 2800K - 10'000K

     The CineFLEX HUE capable of an extended CCT range on the bi-color function, having an adjustable color temperature from yellow-warm 2800K to icy-blue 10'000K. The bi-color LED’s are also dimmable from 0% to 100% and rated with a high CRI of 97 Ra & TLCI index of 98.

     A plus / minus green-magenta compensation function is available to perfectly match the color cast of other types of lighting sources (HMI, Fluorescent or older generation of LED’s).

Render virtually any color using the RGB+W color mode

     The RGB+W color mode provides a user-selected combination using individual color values of red, green, blue and white in order to obtain any desired color from the visible spectrum.

HSI mode for fine tuning any selected color

     The HSI color mode allows for hue control based on a 360° color wheel, as well as saturation and intensity adjustments that work together by intuitively selecting a specific color and fine tuning the vividness of the color and the light intensity.

Rosco / Lee gels library 

     The CineFLEX HUE includes a large collection of built-in gel effects which provide the most commonly used color gels from LEE and ROSCO filters.  

Lighting effects mode 

     The CineFLEX HUE comes with 21 pre-programmed special effects with adjustable parameters to customize them for one’s specific needs. Using the effect presets, the panel can simulate the light from a candle, the police car flashing lights, fire truck, ambulance. fireworks, disco lights, storm lighting, paparazzi and other commonly used effects in scenes for a dramatic look. The effects range is on continuously development and new ones will be introduces through future firmware updates. These lighting effects presets enhance the user's creativity and production value, being the most accessible way to create impressive dynamic scenes from the touch of a button. 


External controller

     The CineFLEX HUE comes with a solidly built external controller with a OLED display that facilitates intuitive control of the many integrated functions. 

     Having an external controller, the panel itself remains ultra-thin (only 1 cm thickness) and can be mounted into hard to access places and controlled from a convenient distance so it doesn't affect the shooting frame.

Enhanced DMX-512 remote operation

     The controller box equipped a built-in DMX-512 function with high-resolution 16Bit PWM processor which allows for smoother adjustments of the CineFLEX HUE. The DMX function employs 8 channels as follows: first 3 channels are for intensity, color temperature and green/magenta adjustments. Channel 4 is for controlling the bi-color and RGB LED’s. Channels 5 to 8 are for adjusting the saturation of the R/G/B/W LED’s. 

     Two ports (in/out) with XLR-5P connectors enable the remote operation of the unit from a DMX lighting console. This allows for the Cine CineFLEX HUE to be integrated into more complex studio installations such as news sets, talk-shows or entertainment productions.

Bluetooth APP & 2.4G wireless control  

     Equipped with Bluetooth 5.0, one or several CineFLEX HUE units can be controlled from up to a 30 m distance through the dedicated smartphone App (iOS & Android). Having a visual representation of all the physically settings of the CineFLEX on any common smartphone can only make this light easier to use.

     A multi-sync feature via 2.4 Ghz allows for a master-slave setup where several slave units are kept in live sync with a master unit when controlled via smartphone application. 


Ready for travelling 

     The CineLFEX HUE “L” comes fully contained into a hard-shell Pelican style case that is suitable for frequent travelling. The light easily folds and packs into the compact case along with the controller box, AC-DC power adapter, X-Cross back-frame, a Velcro strap set and the included softbox with front diffusion and grid.

Key Features:

  • flexible, slim, lightweight & splash proof LED mat
  • specially build SMDs for photo-video industry having rated CRI of 97 and TLCI 98
  • full RGB+W color gamut mixing delivers rich and vibrant customized colors
  • extended CCT bi-color range adjustable from 2800K to 10'000K
  • plus / minus green-magenta compensation function to match with other lights
  • individual RGB+W (Red, Green, Blue, White) level adjustments
  • HSI mode: Hue, Saturation and Intensity individual controls
  • fully dimmable from 0% to 100% with no color shifting
  • LEE and ROSCO gels library 
  • 21 pre-programmed lighting effects (fireworks, police car lights, candle lights, et.)
  • upgradable firmware via USB or APP for adding future functions & more filters / effects
  • enhanced DMX-512 function with high-resolution 16Bit PWM processor 
  • 2.4GHz & Bluetooth 5.0 for remote control using dedicated smartphone App 
  • external controller with built-in V-Mount plate for 14.8V battery powering
  • Velcro back edgings for mounting in variety of places
  • optional light modifiers: diffuser dome, softbox with honeycomb grid.


Rated power 100 watts
Beam type flood
Voltage input 14.8V
Color temperature 2800K-10000K
CRI rating 97
TLCI rating 98
Beam angle 120
Photometrics 1m: 3100 lx | 2m: 860 lx | 3m: 420 lx
LED no 560
Dimming range 100%-0%
Display type Complex - monochrome
Battery mount V-Lock
Plug in connector type N/A
LED surface dimensions 55 x 44 cm
Cooling system Passive
Power source Internal, AC 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Power connector type CEE 7/7
Power cord total length 5.0 m
Local functions control Analog
DMX control Yes
DMX connectors type XLR-5P
Bluetooth / WIFI APP control Yes
Wireless remote control Yes
Yoke mount N/A
Housing color Black
Lamp head weight 0.8 kg
Lamp head dimensions 61 x 46 x 1 cm
Controller dimensions 29 x 17 x 11 cm
Controller weight 2.4 kg
  • Same effect as a lantern light / China ball
  • Even light beam with soft shadows
  • Collapsible design
  • Size: 45 x 60 x 32 cm

     The Diffuser Dome for CineFLEX "L" is an essential accessory that helps to reduce hard shadows and creates a wide beam of soft, diffused light around the subject.

     When mounted on the CineFLEX LED mat, the diffuser dome spreads out an even density light field for superior lighting quality results. The effect is similar to a China ball or lantern light.|

     Install the diffuser dome using the Velcro edge straps in front of the LED panel and get nice soft wrap around light.

     Use this accessory for portraits and product photography to get flattering, soft light and eliminate the harsh, unwanted shadows.

Size: 45 x 60 x 32 cm
Weight: 120 g


Overall size 45 x 60 x 32 cm
Material Nylon
Color White
Accessories for CineFLEX
  • Transport bag for 3 baby stands
  • Grab handle for easy transportation
  • Thin profile facilitates storage and shipping
  • 100 cm long


     Cordura transport bag for 3 light stands (baby stands). The soft, thin profile facilitates storage and shipping, also designed for comfort and durability.

     It can be carried by grab handle that works very well for easy transportation.

  • Length: 100 cm
  • Weight: 0.8 Kg

  • Payload: 4 Kg
  • Max height: 280 cm | Min height: 100 cm
  • Material: aluminum
  • Removable 16mm spigot with dual screws
  • Dual mounting position for spigot adapter

     Two risers studio light stand made of chromed steel suitable for lighting fixtures & accessories fitted with 16mm receiver and with a max weight of 4 kg. 

     The stand rises to a maximum height of 280 cm, folds down to 96 cm and has a wide base for a better stability.

     22 mm legs can be quickly retracted by loosening the T-handle on the top collar and pulling them up. 

     Detachable 16 mm spigot with dual screw (1/4" and 3/8" tops). Dual mounting position for spigot (vertical or horizontal).

     The stand's columns are air-cushioned (pneumatic) to protect the mounted equipment against accidental collapsing by 

    *NB: The maximum payload is rated for the stand columns half-extended.


Weight 1.7 kg
Stand type: Baby stand
Mounting Stud 16mm (5/8") with 1/4" top screw
Maximum height 280 cm
Minimum height 100 cm
Folded length 96 cm
No of sections 3
Footprint diameter 110 cm
Column diameters 25 / 30 / 35 mm
Legs diameter 22 mm
Leveling leg No
Maximum payload 4 kg
Collapsing protection Air cushioned
Material Aluminum
Color Black
Removable base No
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Package Content

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