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Extension Cable 6m for CineFLEX RGB
Extension Cable 6m for CineFLEX RGB Cinelight Video Flexible Panel CineFLEX RGB - Extension Cable Details LED Light Panel Studio Cineflex RGB - Extension Cable 6m

6m Extension Cable for CineFLEX RGB

  • Extension cable for CineFLEX RGB
  • Adds between power controller & lamphead
  • Length: 6m


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    Extension cable for CineFLEX RGBW LED mats which allows to increase the distance between external power controller and fixture's lamphead. 

    Especially useful when mounting the CineFLEX in tight spaces or when there is a need to control the CineFLEX from a longer distance than the standard 1.5 m cable length can reach. Adding this extension will increase the total cable length to 7.5m.

  • Extension cable length: 6m
  • 8 cores cable
  • Dost not fit CineFLEX Bi-Color


Light Accessory

Accessories for CineFLEX
Overall size 6m
Package Content

Package Content

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  • Power: 250W
  • Light output: 5500lx @ 1m
  • CCT: 2800K-10'000K | CRI 97 TLCI 98
  • Size: 122 x 46 x 1 cm | 1.5 Kg
  • Full colors RGBW LED flex mat
  • 21 Lighting effects (cop car, lightning, disco, et.)
  • ROSCO & LEE gels library
  • Multiple controls: CCT, HSI, RGB, XY, 
  • DMX512, Bluetooth APP & 2.4Ghz wireless control
  • PROMO: softbox kit included
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Spigot Receiver 16mm with secure lock Film Studio Grip Tool Spigot receiver 16mm with secure lock
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  • Receiver 16mm (5/8")
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  • Adapter hole to attach safety chain
  • Secures light when suspended

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Autopole 240-420 cm as Manfrotto Cinema Studio Matthews Autopole 240-420 cm
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  • Non-slip, rubber cushions at the ends
  • Mounts between floor & ceiling
  • Can be mounted between solid side walls
  • Maximum height: 420 cm
  • Payload: 25 Kg (vertical mount)
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