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Electronic HMI ballast - 2500 / 4000 watts ARRI MAX FILMGEAR
Electronic HMI ballast - 2500 / 4000 watts ARRI MAX FILMGEAR Film Lighting HMI 2500/4000W Electronic Ballast HMI 2500/4000W Ballast 2.5KW 4KW HMI DMX BALLAST ARRI FILMGEAR MOLE

Electronic HMI ballast - 2500 / 4000 watts

  • Type: electronic flicker Free
  • Line power: 4650VA (max.)
  • Power: 2500W / 4000W
  • Supply voltage: 90-265VAC 50/60Hz L,N,PE
  • Nominal current: 52-19A
  • Power factor: 0.98
  • Dimming range: 50%-100%
  • Starting: cold start & hot restrike
  • DMX control optional
  • Dimensions: 243H x 370W x 450L mm
  • Weight: 20 kg

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    The new generation of Cinelight electronic ballasts can safely power the HMI Compact Fresnel 2500/4000W / HMI PAR 2500/4000W lighting fixtures while meeting the challenges of modern digital high-speed shootings. 

    The ballast employs the ALF technology (Active Line Filter) which minimizes the power line interference, providing a higher Power Factor for a more efficient power use. This translates to a consistent color temperature and flicker-free dimming, despite any voltage fluctuations. 

    The dedicated high-speed function of the ballast drives the lamp to 300Hz or 1000 Hz to ensure a flicker-free image in slow motion shootings. (high speed filming) 

    The ON/OFF power switch on the ballast control panel allows for hot re-striking, while the dedicated dimming button reduces the power down to 50%. 

    Safety circuits such as over-voltage, over-temperature and short-circuit protection provide a safe and reliable operation.

Key Features:

  • Works with 2500/4000W HMI Fresnel / PAR lamp heads
  • universal voltage, automatic switch-over for 115V and 230V power supplies
  • Active Line Filter (ALF) minimizes power line disturbance & voltage spikes
  • dimmable power down to 50%
  • high-speed on 300Hz or 1kHz lamp frequency for flicker-free images on slow motion shootings
  • constant power output and color temperature
  • low noise operating mode
  • line over-voltage protection
  • protection from overheating
  • optional DMX control 


HMI - Ballast

Ballast power 2500W / 4000W
Ballast line power 4650VA
Ballast nominal current 19A-52A
Ballast operation voltage 90-265VAC
Ballast frequency 50-60 Hz
Ballast current characteristics square wave, 75Hz
Ballast power factor 0.98
Ballast dimming range 100%-50%
Ballast starting Hot re-strike
DMX control Optional
ballast power cable length 7.0 m
Power cord total length 3.5 m
Power connector type CEE 2P+E
Ballast dimensions 24 x 37 x 45 cm
Ballast weight 20 kg
Ballast protection class IP32
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Package Content

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