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Studio LED Light Panel Studio Dayled 1000 Bi-C
Studio LED Light Panel Studio Dayled 1000 Bi-C LED Light Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color Film Lighting Light Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX Video Light Light Panel LED Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color Cinema Lighting Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX with Touch Display - Details Cinema Light Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX - Display Details LED Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX - Display Light LED Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX TV Lighting Light LED Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color - Power Supply Cinema Light Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX Video Lighting Video Light Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX Film Lighting Light LED Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX - Spigot Receiver Detail LED Light Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX Cinema Lighting Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color - Battery Detail Cinema LED Light Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX TV Lighting Light Panel Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX - Package Content Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX - Remote Control

Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color DMX with Touch Display

  • Power: 100W
  • Light output: 12000lx @ 1m
  • Color temperature: 3000K-8000K | CRI 97 TLCI 98
  • Size & weight: 53 x 36 x 7.5 cm | 2.4 kg
  • Touch screen control color temp & brightness
  • Built-in DMX512 controller with DIP switches
  • Removable silver reflectors & flexi corners
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Dedicated accessories

Transport bag for DayLED
Touch Screen Wireless Remote


Charger for battery


High output through powerful 8mm LEDs 

    The Studio DayLED 1000 is the newest LED fixture for professional use, equipped with 200 high efficient 8mm LED bulbs with a power draw of only 100W while providing an output of a 1500W traditional tungsten light equivalent. This new type of LED is brighter than a classic 5mm LED, having the power of 0.5W each comparing to 0.06W of the 5mm version. This means fewer LED bulbs on the board and a better thermal dissipation for long hours of usage typically for studio installations.

Analog and touch screen controls 


    The new generation of Studio DayLED 1000 features a combo light controlling system by hardware buttons or LCD touch screen control. The large, easy to read display shows information like color temperature, light intensity level and DMX address. By gently touching the designated screen areas the user can easily increase / decrease the light intensity or change the color temperature. The same adjustments can also be made by hardware turning knobs leaving the user to choose the preferable controlling method. 

Extended color temperature range from 3000K to 8000W 

    One of the main characteristics of this fixture is the wide variable color temperature range from warm light (3000K) to cool blue (8000K), or any adjustments in between. The Studio DayLED 1000 can match any other studio lighting equipment, from 3000K consumer warm lamps found in most households and hotels, 3200K studio tungsten lamps, 5400K flash lamps, 5600K studio fluorescent lamps, 6000K HMI lamps and 8000K fluorescent consumer lights , found mostly in office buildings, warehouses and markets. 

Smart circuit design for precise light adjustments  

    This cool-running lighting fixture uses 100 LED bulbs in 3000K and 100 in 8000K to produce luminous, directional lighting with a dimming range from 100% to 0%. The smart circuit design allows for individual intensity control for each group of LED’s meaning that the brightness level can be set so both groups can run at full brightness in the same time, resulting the highest brightness at 5000K. This translates in Bi-Color fixtures having the same light output as a single color version due to all LEDs being able to run at full brightness in the same time. Comparing with other vendors model of Bi-Color LED light panels that can do only half of the LED’s at full brightness the Cinelight DayLED 1000 Bi-Color offers no compromise in light output between single color and bi-color models. 

Built-in industry standard DMX-512 controller


    The Studio DayLED 1000 features a built-in DMX-512 controller, enabling remote operation of the unit from any DMX console, letting you control the light output in small increments or create custom programs for light intensity for various scenarios in a studio. This model is equipped with two DMX ports (in / out – loop) via XLR-3P connectors. The manual DMX address supports 512 individual channels configurable via the DIP switches. A small digital display will show the dialed DMX address for easy and fast configuration.

Sturdy & lightweight housing with HD friendly design

    The Studio DayLED 1000 Bi-Color is a lightweight fixture, with a plastic housing and a solid, aluminum yoke bar featuring a standard spigot connection for the light stands with an additional secure lock pin for added safety when used in hanged mode. The unit comes with build-in, black-finish barndoors that help shaping the light and protect the LEDs during transport. Also, the barndoors feature a Velcro detachable silver layer to increase the light intensity. The additional “flexi-corners” that attach using Velcro between barndoors help to create a continuous 360° reflective surface for enhanced light output and spill control. For a sturdy appearance, the plastic housing and barndoors are reinforced with a grid of plastic ribs. 

Common powering options


     Ideal for both location work and studio applications, the fixture can be powered from worldwide AC wall socket (100-250V) or from a V-Mount Li-Ion battery using the built-in V-Lock support. A 280Wh battery can power up the light up to 3h at full brightness or over 6h in 3000K or 8000K mode, making this light handy to use in remote location where power is limited or unavailable. News crews, small film crews and event videographers may find this feature very useful. 



Key Features:

  • 200 high power 8mm LED bulbs for enhanced light output
  • accurate color rendering: CRI 96 | TLCI 95
  • large digital touch screen display showing light intensity level and color temperature 
  • extended color temperature range from 3000°K to 8000°K
  • built-in V-Lock battery plate
  • power adapter with V-Lock to mount on the back panel
  • power efficient, draws only 100W. equivalent to 1500W tungsten lamp
  • dimming range from 100% down to 0%
  • built-in DMX controller with DMX512 address allocation and digital display
  • built-in 4 leaf barndoors with detachable silver layer and flexi-corners
  • HD friendly design, lightweight housing with aluminum yoke bar
Package Content

Package Content

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Accessories & Bundles

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Color accurate and powerful

This product is very good.
Light is powerful and IRC 95 and very easy to use.
The manufacture is well done.
I use it in my professional green key studio.

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