Studio LED Panels Kit 3 x CineLED EVO S Bi-C
Studio LED Panels Kit 3 x CineLED EVO S Bi-C Cinelight Studio Light Panel LED Kit CineLED EVO S Bi-Color Video LED Light Panel Cinelight Kit CineLED EVO S Bi-Color Film Lighting Studio CineLED EVO S Bi-Color Film Light Panel LED Kit CineLED EVO S Bi-Color Cinelight Studio LED Panel Kit CineLED EVO S Bi-Color Cinelight LED Light Panel Kit CineLED EVO S Bi-Color - Filter TV Light Studio LED Panel Kit CineLED EVO S Bi-Color Cinelight Bi-Color LED Panel Kit 3 x CineLED EVO S - Filter Video Light LED Panel Kit CineLED EVO S bi-C - Controls Cinelight Studio Light Panel Kit CineLED EVO 
S Transport Bag Kit LED Light Studio Panel CineLED EVO S Bi-Color - Package Content Studio Transport Bag Kit CineLED EVO S Bi-Color Cinelight LED Light Panel On Lightstand CineLED EVO S Bi-Color - Barndoors Softbox Kit CineLED EVO S Bi-Color

KIT 3 x CineLED EVO "S" - Bi-Color

  • 3 x CineLED EVO "S" Bi-Color
  • 3 x Acrylic diffusion filter
  • 1 x Transport case
  • Optional: stands, barndoors, softboxes, batteries 
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Dedicated accessories

Softbox Kit

Powering & batteries

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    We recommend this portable 3-point LED lighting kit to location photographers and videographers who seek for a compact yet powerful LED kit configuration, perfect to be used where the AC power source is limited or unavailable.

    This is a basic lighting kit including 3 x CineLED EVO "S" - Bi-Color LED panels and a transport bag for convenient handling and storing all the kit's components. Optional accessories like barndoors, softbox kits and batteries are available for the CineLED EVO "S" panels. 

    Additionally, three 2.80 m baby stands with transport bag can be added to the kit configuration for proper mounting the LED panels on both studio and location setups.

    BONUS! One Focus - Exposure - White Balance Panel will be included in this kit.

  • Power: 38W
  • Light output: 4800lx @ 1m
  • Color temperature: 3200K-5600K | CRI 95+ RA
  • Size & weight: 30 x 30 x 4.5 cm / 1 Kg
  • Lightweight aluminum housing with a slim profile
  • Includes one acrylic diffusion filter to soften the shadows
  • Optional accessories: barndoors, softbox

    The new CineLED EVO Series is the ultimate professional lighting solution for both studio and location work. 

Slim and lightweight body design

    The newly redesigned slim profile is one of the best features of the CineLED EVO panels that truly distinguishes it among the wide variety of LED lights on the market. The lightweight aluminum housing with a sturdy structure and streamlined appearance certainly can overtake the conventional look of the most common LED fixtures. The CineLED EVO housing is also designed to dissipate the heat faster, increasing the led's life and maintaining the panel cool-to-touch. The fixture is equipped with a solid yoke bar with side locking "pull & twist" knobs, provided with dual mount spigot adapter (vertically and horizontally).

Latest generation of performant LED's  

     The CineLED EVO S Bi-Color features 576 high CRI (95+ RA) of new generation led's specially developed for photo-video applications where color accuracy is mandatory. The panel produces luminous, directional lighting, at a beam angle of 45 degree, drawing 38W while providing an output of a 650W tungsten light equivalent. The matrix layout of the LED bulbs facilitates an uniformly blending of the color temperatures for a softer overall look. The CineLED EVO S can be used in studio setups as an edge (contouring) light, being powerful enough to act as key light as well.

Intuitive & precise light adjustments   

     The output is dimmable from 100% to 0% with constant color temperature across the entire dimming range. The fixture provides the ultimate color control via a lighting control board located on the back panel, letting you adjust the brightness level for each set of LED's (3200K and 5600K) so both sets can run at full brightness in the same time, maximizing the light output comparing with other led panels. 

Common powering options

    The unit can be powered via 2 Sony NP-F batteries, by one 14.8 V external battery using a D-Tap cable, or via the included AC/DC 12 V power adapter. A battery level button is located on the back of the panel that shows the charging level.

Available light modifiers: acrylic filter, metal barndoors, softbox

    The front housing includes 2 accessory slots for inserting the optional barndoors, softbox kit or two filter panels at the same time. The barndoors and the softbox can be each used along with the desired filter, increasing the versatility of the CineLED EVO panels. 

Transport bag included for easy storage and carrying 

     The CineLED EVO S Bi-Color comes with transport padded soft bag that fits inside the fixture along with the filters and batteries. The bag is thick enough to offer some protection to the LED panel, being also an indispensable accessory for location assignments. 

Key Features:

  • display showing brightness level adjustments
  • accurate color rendering: CRI / TLCI 95+
  • slim design (4.5 cm thickness)
  • lightweight aluminum housing with sturdy structure 
  • power efficient, draws only 38W, 650W tungsten equivalent output
  • dial-up brightness 100% - 0% with no color shift
  • individual dimmers for 3200K LEDs and 5600K LEDs 
  • 2 slide-in accessory slots on the front housing
  • battery operated (two NP-F mounts)
  • battery level button to show charging level
  • includes one acrylic diffusion filter panel
  • optional: metal barndoors, softbox


Rated power 38 watts
Beam type flood
LED type Bi-Color
Voltage input 11-16V
Color temperature 3200K-5600K
CRI rating 95
TLCI rating 95
Beam angle 45°
Lumens N/A
Photometrics 1m: 4800 lx | 2m: 1250 lx | 3m: 550 lx
LED no 576
Dimming range 100%-0%
Display type Simple - Monochrome
Battery mount NP-F
Plug in connector type Barrel 2.5 mm - female
LED surface dimensions 19 x 19 cm
Cooling system Passive
Power source External, AC 100-240V 50 / 60 HZ
Power connector type CEE 7/7
Power cord total length 3.0 m
Local functions control Analog
DMX control No
DMX connectors type N/A
Bluetooth / WIFI APP control No
Wireless remote control No
Yoke mount Spigot 16mm receiver
Housing material Aluminum
IP rating N/A
Lamp head weight 1.0 kg
Lamp head dimensions 30 x 30 x 4.5 cm
  • Dedicated transport case for CineLED EVO "S"
  • Fits up to 3 LED panels
  • Rigid frame design for best protection
  • Interior Velcro dividers
  • Zippered interior lid pocket
  • Interior dimensions:   28 x 37 x 28 cm
  • Exterior dimensions:  30 x 40 x 31 cm

     Compact Cordura transport bag specially designed for the CineLED EVO "S" panels with matching accessories. Dual directional zippers open quickly to fully expose the interior. The customizable padded interior with detachable Velcro dividers can fit up to 3 LED panels and accessories without light stands. 

    The bag can be carried using the carrying handles or by the shoulder strap, any way it better suits one's needs.

    The bag’s lid is equipped with a zippered net pocket where you can storage lightweight accessories like filters and softbox components.

    One great feature of this bag are the reinforced rigid walls for a better protection of the bag during handling and storing. This sturdy construction translates to a prolonged use of the bag.

  • Interior dimensions:   28 x 37 x 28 cm
  • Exterior dimensions:  30 x 40 x 31 cm
  • Weight:  2.7 Kg


Overall size 30 x 40 x 31 cm
Weight 2.7 kg
Material Cordura
Color Black
Package Content

Package Content

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  • 3 x Removable 4 leaf metal barndoors
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  • 3 x Wireless remote control
  • 1 x Cordura transport bag
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Out of stock
Expected: 2021-09-24

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