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Studio LED LIght Cinelight SKYHUE Studio RGBW - Curved design
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CineLED SkyHUE "C" 150W - RGBW

  • Power: 150 watts
  • Light output: 3050lx @ 1m
  • CCT: 2800K-10000K
  • Size: 44.5 x 53 x 22 cm | 6.9 kg
  • High CRI 95 and TLCI 95
  • Full RGBW & Bi-Color LED Panel
  • Multiple controls: CCT, HSI, RGBW
  • Light effects & filters simulations
  • DMX512 & wireless remote operation
  • Curved design for ultra-wide beam angle


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     Being in a continuous process of expanding our LED line, in 2019 we introduce the CineLED SkyHUE softlight that employs the full RGB+W color gamut LEDs to deliver millions of rich and vibrant colors, offering also an extensive color temperature range from 2800K to 10000K. Having comprehensive controls into a single panel, the CineLED SkyHUE is the current most advanced light source from our LED line that will definitely  enhance the value of any production.

CCT, HSI and RGB color controls


     The CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) mode allows to accurately adjust the color temperature from cozy warm 2800K to a deep sky blue 10'000K in order to match any lighting condition like the warm shades of a lurid sunset, the cool tints of a bright sunlight in the summer or blue moonlight in a clear dark sky. The new firmware update introduce the green / magenta correction function in the CCT mode allowing for a fine tuning match with other HMI, LED or fluorescent lights.

     The HSI color mode allows for hue angle, saturation and intensity adjustments that work together by intuitively selecting a specific color and fine tuning the vividness of the color and light intensity.

     The RGB+W color mode provides a user-selected combination using individual color values of red, green, blue and white in order to obtain any desired color from the visible spectrum. 

User convenient features: built-in filters, lighting effects, scene saving


Filter mode
     The filter function applies different color corrections over a selected white balance (3200K or 5600K), similar to applying a filter gel in front of a conventional light. These digital filters are used to obtain various common theatrical effects or to match existing light sources like the green tint of the fluorescent tubes or the magenta of older LED panel generations. 

Effects mode
     The CineLED SkyHUE comes with several programmed special effects with adjustable parameters for each one to customize it for ones specific needs. Using the effect presets, the panel can simulate the light from a candle, the police car flashing lights, the fireworks and other commonly used in scenes for a dramatic look. The effects range is on continuously development and new ones will be introduces through future firmware updates. These lighting effects presets enhance the user's creativity and production value, being the most accessible way to create impressive dynamic scenes from the touch of a button. 

Scene saving
     The scene saving function offers the user the possibility to store into the panel's memory a set of values for each of the three color control modes (CCT, HSI, RGB+W), in order to be recalled at a later use of the panel.

Intuitive controls through the on-board interface with LCD display


     The CineLED SkyHUE uses an intuitive panel controlling interface for easy and fast operating the fixture. The on-board function shortcut buttons access the main functions such like: color control modes (CCT, HSI, RGB+W), the filter mode, the special effects and the scene saving. Three large selector knobs located on the right side of the controlling board can be easily handled (even with gloves on) to fine tune the desired values. The LCD display shows all the useful information for the user to adjust and customize the desired values.

Built-in DMX controlling function

     The back panel controlling board features a built-in DMX512 function through two ports (in/out) with XLR-3P connectors, enabling remote operation of the unit from a DMX lighting console. This allows for the CineLED SkyHUE to be integrated into more complex studio installations such as news sets, talk-shows or entertainment productions.

Wireless control

 Wireless remote

    Studio_RGB_LED_Light_CineLED_SkyHUE-_Remote_1.jpg  Optional wireless remote control available to fully control the CineLED SkyHUE remotely from up to 20 m distance. This accessory is very useful when the panel is mounted in a position where the on-board control panel is difficult to reach.

Robust aluminum construction with curved design


    The CineLED SkyHUE Curved "C" features a curved shape of the panel to create an ultra-wide beam angle of almost 180° ideal for "infinity" white cyclorama lighting, chromakey lighting or to quickly "repaint" the background in any desired color, enhancing the visual appearance of a scene.  

    Following today's industry requirements, the CineLED SkyHUE housing is a solid, robust, full aluminum construction that can withstand heavy daily use on busy sets. 

    The solid, metal yoke bar features toothed friction end pads to ensure a firm grip and precise position without having to over tight the tilt locker. For enhanced mobility, the yoke bar comes with a pivoting lollipop mount with spigot 16 mm receiver which allows the panel to be easily rotated in any position.

Transport trolley case included for easy storage and carrying


     A foam padded trolley case is included for convenient transport from a location to another. The telescopic handle and the bottom wheels provide convenient mobility, just like a common standard trolley case would. The reinforced walls of the case offer better protection during handling and storing. The CineLED SkyHUE panel along with all it's components and accessories can be proper organized and protected inside the trolley case compartments.  

Future available functions through firmware updates

    The CineLED SkyHUE line is on continuously development and any future improvements and add-ons will be available through firmware updates. By simply uploading a downloadable file through the built-in USB service port, performance-enhancing features can be updated into the panel's software directly by user.

Key Features:

- full RGB+W color gamut mixing delivers rich and vibrant customized colors
- extended CCT bi-color mode adjustable from 2800K to 10'000K
- high output, 1KW tungsten equivalent 
- Hue, Saturation and Intensity (HSI) color control 
- Green / Magenta correction function for fine adjustments with other light sources.
- individual RGB+W (Red, Green, Blue, White) level adjustments
- fully dimmable from 100% to 1% with no color shifting
- high CRI  > 95 and TLCI 95 using latest generation SMD LEDs
- smooth shadows and homogeneous beam field
- digital filter function available to simulate gels applied over the selected white balance
- special effects function for cinematic looks (fireworks, police car lights, candle lights etc)
- shortcut buttons for main functions (CCT, HSI, RGBW, filters, effects, scenes)
- large selector knobs, easy to handle even with gloves
- built-in DMX-512 function for studio remote operation
- solid construction, full aluminum housing 
- curved design to create an ultra-wide beam angle ideal for "infinity" white cycloramas / chromakey lighting
- upgradable software for adding new functions and effects
- accessories: wireless remote control, transport case

Package Content

Package Content

Accessories & Bundles

Accessories & Bundles



Firmware Update SkyHUE

FW V 1.30 - SkyHUE S / S-C / L
Download (127.5k)


FW V 1.31 - SkyHUE S / S-C / L - HUE control fix
Download (119.89k)


FW V 1.32 - SkyHUE S / S-C / L - Small improvements
Download (120.68k)
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Reviews (2)

Reviews ( 2 reviews )




Well built

I find this RGBW panels from Cinelight to be very well built - pretty sturdy!. The colors are rich and vibrant. The white colors are accurate with good skin tones showing on camera. It has plus-minus green color cast adjust and gels library.
The arched design is good for using these as fill lights.




Good for background lighting

Using four of these to lit our light-gray 5m wide x 3 m high cyclo background. Colors are reach and punchy. Output is impressive also.
Built like a tank which makes them a bit on the heavy side
The convex shape factor helps to cover a wider lighting area making them ideal for cyclorama lighting or overall stage lighting.
Forget about gels ... with these it is a breeze to change the scene mode on the fly or make light correction.

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