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Studio Cool 6 X 55W Dimming & DMX
Studio Cool 6 X 55W Dimming & DMX Studio Cool 330W Dimming & DMX Cinema Fluorescent Light Studio Cool 6 X 55W DMX Film Light Studio Cool 6 X 55W Dimming & DMX Cinelight Studio Cool 330W Dimming & DMX - Display Studio Cool 6 X 55W Dimming & DMX - Grid Cinema Light Studio Cool 330W Dimming & DMX Studio Cool 6 X 55W Dimming & DMX - Yokebar Studio Cool 6 X 55W Dimming & DMX - In use

Studio Cool 6 X 55W Dimming & DMX

  • Power: 330W
  • Light output: 106'000 lx @ 1m
  • Lamp type: 2G11 55W
  • Size: 66 x 49 x 12 cm | 7.1 kg
  • Adjustable brightness 100% - 30% via dimming knob
  • Built-in DMX-512 function for remote operation
  • Professional Osram Quicktronic HF ballast 
  • Optional accessories: honeycomb grid, dispersion filter
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Dedicated accessories

Honeycomb Louver
2 Axis Pole Operated Yoke Bar

Recommended Accessories



     The Cinelight Studio Cool fixtures are the professional choice for all types of visual media production from photography to film and video work. This type of fluorescent lights are the most common TV lights on local and national TV stations. Can be used mounted on stands or suspended from the ceiling.

Soft light source for studio installations

    Studio Cool 6x55W Diming & DMX is a soft light source, having constant color temperature and low energy consume without heat radiation. The fixture can be equipped with long life, high luminous efficiency tubes available in choice of 3000K / 3200K (warm tubes) or 5400K / 5600K (daylight tubes).


Dimmable light output from 100% to 30%

     Adjustable output from 100% to 30% provided via manual dimming knob located on back of the fixture, along with the master ON/OFF switch. Remote controlling of the light output is possible via built-in DMX-512 controller.

Built-in DMX-512 function

     The DMX-512 function is ensured through two DMX ports IN/OUT XLR-3P and allows controlling one or multiple units in the same setup from a remote location through a DMX console. This offers the possibility to create different lighting presets according to the studio application: news programs, talk shows, soap opera, chroma key et.

Digital display showing brightness and DMX address

     The new Studio Cool 6x55W features a built-in digital display with DMX-512 address setup buttons, located on the back of the fixture that shows the DMX channel and the brightness values in small increments (0-255) so you can easily match multiple Studio Cool fixtures. 

Professional Osram ballast for flicker-free operation

    The unit is now equipped with professional Osram Quicktronic HF ballast with high output driving frequency (40-100 KHz) to ensure a flicker-free operation, while maintaining a stable Kelvin color temperature. The power plug  connects to the fixture through IEC socket with protection fuse and to the wall socket through a CEE 7/4 (Schuko) plug. The power cord has an in-line ON/OFF illuminated master switch.


Solid and robust metal construction

     The Studio Cool 6x55W Diming & DMX features a robust metal construction designed for long-term intensive use. The included standard yoke bar can be replaced with two axis Pole-Operated yoke bar which allows for easily adjusting the lamphead orientation (pan & tilt) from the floor using a pole rod when this fixture is mounted high above, typical for studio sets.

Highly reflective interior for increased output

    The deeper metal housing with highly reflective interior along with the removable barndoors with specular surface increase the light output and throw distance. Also, the  Studio Cool 6x55W includes 4 flexible corners to create a 360° reflective surface for enhanced light output and spill control. 


Optional honeycomb grid available 

    The optional honeycomb grid can be inserted  into the specially designed slot for accessories, with securing latch to prevent accidental slipping. The honeycomb grid can be used to reduce the side spill and narrowing the beam angle while keeping the light softness with minimal impact on the brightness value. 

Ideal fixtures for permanent studio setups

    The Studio Cool series are recommended for permanent TV studio applications, interviews, TV shows, news, product presentations, chroma key and other events. Often used together with our Cinelight Studio Fresnels which add a more directional light, creating shadows and a stronger three-dimensional look to the image. 

Key Features:

  • metal housing with removable specular barndoors to increase light output
  • manual dimming knob to adjust brightness from 100% to 30%
  • professional Osram Quicktronic HF ballast with high output driving frequency (40-100 KHz)
  • 2 DMX ports XLR-3P , IN/OUT for remote controlling the light output
  • built-in digital display that shows DMX address and brightness value (0-255)
  • uses high luminous efficiency tubes available in 3000K (warm tubes) or 5400K (daylight tubes)
  • 4 flexible corners included to create a 360° mirror and increase light output while reducing the light spill between barndoors gaps
  • optional honeycomb grid available for controlling the side spill
  • optional Pole-Operating yoke bar available to replace the standard yoke bar


Fluorescent - Fixture

Beam type flood
Rated power 330 watts
Photometrics 1m: 10600 lx | 2m: 2600 lx | 3m: 1150 lx
Color temperature 3200K / 5600K
CRI rating 95
TLCI rating 95
Lamp type 4-Pin CFL
Lamp socket 2G11
No of lamps 6
Dimming range 100%-30% (variable)
Ballast type Internal, Osram Quicktronic HF DIM
DMX control Yes
DMX connectors type XLR-3P

Fluorescent - Powering

Rated power 330 watts
Voltage input 230V 50Hz
Ballast type Internal, Osram Quicktronic HF DIM
No of ballasts 3
Ballast frequency 50000 Hz
Ballast power factor 98
Plug in connector type IEC
Power connector type CEE 7/4 - Schuko
Power cord total length 7.0 m

Fluorescent - Physical

Yoke mount Spigot 16mm receiver
Housing color Black
Housing material Metal
Lamp head dimensions 66 x 49 x 12 cm
Lamp head weight 7.1 kg
Package Content

Package Content

Accessories & Bundles

Accessories & Bundles

Q&A (1)

Q & A ( 1 )


From Oscar C.


Hello, do you recommend a lamp brand to use with this model? Does it matter?


Hi Oscar! For most studio & location usage we recommend the Osram "Dulux L" lamps but you can use also the Studio Line lamps from Osram or "True Match 55W" series from Kino Flo.


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Reviews (1)

Reviews ( 1 review )





Dimming Fluorescent lights with dmx is very rare and you can not add in post with an external dimmer. So this is the perfect solution!

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TV LED Light CINETUBE HUE 30 - RGBW Cinema Studio Lighting - Cinetube HUE 30 RGBW
  • Power: 10W
  • Light output: 250lx @ 1m
  • CCT: 2200K - 10000K
  • Size: 35.5 x 4.5 cm | 420g 
  • True-Tone SMD LED's | CRI 97 TLCI 99
  • RGB + Bi-Color LED's (RGBWW)
  • CCT / HSI / RGB Modes
  • Bi-Color HSI base
  • 30+ realistic lighting effects
  • Built-in battery | Runtime 3h+ 
€11900 / €12900
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