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CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color
CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color Cinelight CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color Studio LED Light CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color Cinema Studio Flexible Light Panel CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color LED Light Panel CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color Studio Flexible Mat CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color Cinelight Studio Flexible LED Panel Cinelight Flexible LED Light CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color LED Light CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color Cinema LED Light CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color Video LED Panel CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color

CineFLEX 400 - Bi-Color

  • Power: 360W
  • Light output: 11200 lx @ 1m
  • CCT: 3000K-5600K | CRI 98 TLCI 99
  • Size: 123 x 62 cm | 2 kg
  • Magnetic corners & velcro back edging 
  • External power controller
  • Wired and Wireless W-DMX control 
  • BT App control 
  • 4 Dimming curves 


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Flexible and lightweight

    Replace the rigid and bulky lighting fixtures with the newest CineFLEX 400. Being lightweight and flexible, this LED panel can be effortlessly rolled or curved into various shapes, enabling you to achieve the perfect lighting setup for any scene. Weighting only 2 kg, the converted CineFLEX lantern light can be easily mounted above the subject using any boom arm. 

    The LED mat and head to controller cables are splash-proof which ensures durability even in more challenging outdoor shooting environments. (* please note that the power controller must be protected from water).

True-Tone LED's 

    We've integrated the latest Bi-Color SMD chips, surpassing previous benchmarks for CRI and TLCI ratings while improving the lumen per watt ratio. With an adjustable color temperature range of 3000K to 5600K and dimmable brightness from 100% to 1%, this fixture is perfect for general fill lighting. The impressive TLCI index of 99 and CRI rating of 98Ra, complemented by Rf 96 and Rg 102 scores, meet the highest standards for color accuracy in broadcast production and professional photography.



Multi-powering external controller

    The CineFLEX 400 comes with an external power controller with a built-in AC-DC power supply to feed de panel directly from an AC 110V-240V wall socket via the PowerCon connector. Additionally, the panel can be connected to a DC 48V external source using the XLR 3P input connector or powered by hooking two 14.8V V-Mount batteries, thus being the perfect companion for on-location shoots. NB: when powered from V-Mount batteries, the light output is limited to 50% to protect the batteries from overload. 

    The connection cable between LED mat and controller has 1.5m length and an extension cable of 6m length is available as an optional accessory. 

    The power cable between AC socket and controller has 5m length and is equipped with CEE 7/7 socket connector and PowerCon controller connector. 


TFT color display with intuitive controls

    Effortlessly adjust your lighting setup with the CineFLEX 400 intuitive user interface. The large color TFT display ensures clear visibility and seamless navigation and shows the color temperature, light intensity, DMX or radio channel for remote operation and also the battery remaining level.  

4 way controls: Local, DMX, W-DMX, BT APP


    Local operation using larger TFT display controlled by the 4 push buttons to access the main functions and a jog-wheel to adjust each parameter’s value. 

    Wired DMX via the XLR 5P in/out connectors, so the CineFLEX panel can be integrated into more complex studio installations such as news sets, talk-shows or entertainment productions where a standardized remote controlling method is required. 

   Wireless DMX via the built-in W-DMX receiver, for special applications when a cable free operation is required to control the CineFLEX from a lighting console. Note: one optional wireless DMX sender must be added to the lighting console side to transmit the signal to one or multiple DMX fixtures. 

   Bluetooth APP: Equipped with Bluetooth module, one or several CineFLEX 400 & 700 units can be controlled from up to a 30 m distance through the dedicated “Desal Lite+” smartphone APP (iOS & Android). Having a visual representation of all the physically settings of the panel on any common smartphone can only make this light easier to use.

4 Dimming curves

    The controller of CineFLEX 400 flex light is programmed with four selectable dimming curves for brightness and CCT light changes.  A selection between Linear, an S-Curve, an Exponential Curve, or a Logarithmic Curve is possible, rendering the desired lighting effect (smooth or sharp light transitions).

Creative lighting effects (FX)

    With the CineFLEX 400 you can boost your creativity with a wide range of lighting effects. From subtle "lighting" and cozy "candle" effects to dynamic "pulse" and attention-grabbing "paparazzi" effects, this lighting panel enables you to experiment and achieve captivating visuals that will make your work stand out.


Convenient mounting options 

    The CineFLEX 400 features a built-in Velcro back edging that allows for customizable mounting to any grip-on surface, while the reinforced corners with hidden magnets ensure a secure hold. The included V-Lock clamp securely attaches the controller to light stand central columns or legs, providing a stable operation.

    The LED mat can be mounted on a light stand using the included X-cross back frame paired with a tilting bracket having a dual spigot 16 mm receiver. This mounting system allows the panel to be tilted up and down, panned to the sides or 360 degree rotated for convenient use.

Included softbox & grid

    Perfectly balancing the light output and shadows is essential when aiming for professional-looking results. The included softbox with diffusion fabric allows you to soften the shadows as desired. The additional grid narrows the beam and reduces the side spill, while delivering a more directional output to offer more control over the lighting area. These two modifiers can be combined to help you achieve a large, soft & directional light source to add depth and dimension to your frames. 

Easy storage and carrying      

    For every professional on the go, the CineFLEX 400 is a convenient lighting solution being easy to fold and roll for storage and transport. It comes with a trolley case that fits inside the CineFLEX panel with all its parts and spare room for some additional accessories like clamps, batteries, extension cables. An easy and convenient transportation between shooting locations.




LED Panels - Fixture

LED type Bi-Color
LED no 1760
Beam angle 66°
Beam type flood
Photometrics 1m: 11200 lx | 2m: 3400 lx | 3m: 1600 lx
Color temperature 3000K-5600K
TLCI rating 99
CRI rating 98
Dimming range 100%-0%
Cooling system Active
Display type Complex - color

LED Panels - Controls

Local functions control Analog
DMX control Yes
DMX connectors type XLR-5P
Bluetooth / WIFI APP control Yes
Radio remote control Yes

LED Panels - Powering

Rated power 360 watts
Voltage input 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Power source Internal, AC 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Battery Yes
Battery mount V-Lock
Plug in connector type PowerCon
Power cord total length 5.0 m
Power connector type CEE 7/7

LED Panels - Physical

Yoke mount Spigot 16mm receiver
Housing color Black
Lamp head dimensions 123 x 62 cm
Lamp head weight 2 kg
Controller dimensions 19.5 x 17 x 25 cm
Controller weight 3.1 kg
Package size 98 x 43 x 36 cm
Package weight 20 kg
Package content

Package content

Accessories & Bundles

Accessories & Bundles

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