Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers
Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers Studio Reflector Butterfly 200 x 150 cm Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Dimensions Cinema Studio Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - folding details Cinelight Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers Video Studio Butterfly 200 x 150 cm Video Light Modifier Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers Light Modifiers Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion Cinema Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion Film Lighting Reflector Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with  Layers Cinelight Folded Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with optional Grid Cinelight Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers Film Studio Reflector Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion with Optional Layers Butterfly 200 x 150 cm Diffusion - on stand detail Optional Gold and Silver Fabric Optional Chroma Green Fabric Optional Black and White Fabric Optional Double Black Fabric Optional Grip Head Large Diameters Black

Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - Diffusion

  • UV treated translucent white material
  • Detachable & interchangeable layers
  • Aluminum collapsible frame
  • Configurable with different fabrics
  • Size: 200 x 150 cm


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Fecha de disponibilidad: Ask us

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Studio_Butterfly_Reflector_Panel_11.pngNOTE: new version of 200 x 150 cm butterfly available, with soft grid included. Here

     This 200 x 150 cm butterfly is a large size diffusion panel made from a collapsible aluminum frame for easy setup and operation. 

     The frame is made from strong lightweight aluminum with special folding sections to allow easy storage with minimum effort. 


     The diffusion panel is held in place by strong touch fastener edge strips for a secure grip. 

     The flag features a translucent white layer used to produce a broad light source with a soft effect.

     The material is UV treated to withstand long exposure to sun. 

     Adding the optional layer fabrics enhance the versatility of this collapsible butterfly. The optional fabrics can be easily applied using the Velcro system. 


     The optional fabric layers are as follows:

  • silver - gold:  used to create specular highlights adding contrast to the image (silver) or to create a warm effect (gold)
  • black - opaque white: used for blocking the light to avoid spill (black) or to bounce and soften the light with natural looking results (white)
  • chroma green: used as backdrop for chroma key applications
  • double black: used as a traditional flag to absorb the light from the both sides; the thickness of the material increases light obstruction 
  • honeycomb: can be used alone on the frame to direct the light through, acting like a large scrim or can be applied over the translucent diffusion layer to reduce the light spill, acting like a large softbox


     For mounting the Butterfly 200 x 150 cm on 2 light stands, two Grip Heads LD (Large Diameters) can be used to tilt the panel at the desired angle (see "Add mounting accessories" option on the right). The large diameters of the grip's jaws are suitable to hold the butterfly's frame into the desired position. 

  • Size: 200 x 150 cm
  • Weight: 2.5 kg
  • Packed size: 160 x 10 x 10 cm
Contenido del paquete

Contenido del paquete

Accessories & Bundles

Accessories & Bundles

Q&A (2)

Q & A ( 2 )


Desde Luke J.


Hi there,

Do you know roughly when the Butterfly 200 x 150 cm - frame with just diffusion (159 EUR) will be back in stock?




Hi Luke,
Currently there are no plans to restock the simpler model as most of the customers prefer the one with grid included.
Best regards,
Alex - customer support


Desde Aljaz


I have question about mounting butterfly on C-Stand, which grip do you suggest?


Hi Aljaz, To connect the butterfly with the C-Stand we recommend using two of these clamps (one on each stand) : https://cinelight.com/studio-clamps-couplers/pro-clamp-with-eccentric-cams
Using the one of the openings of the eccentric cam you can attach the clamp on the lightstand central column and using the pro-clamp side you grip the butterfly frame.


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Comentarios ( 1 revisa )




Fast and easy!

My video shoots normally have a small crew, and quite often I have to go solo. I used to hire 8'x8' frames from the local rental houses, however, the transport and setup with those is inconvenient. So more often than not I would skip getting large diffusion altogether. This frame will change this for me.

This folding butterfly is a major time saver! What I like most is that the diffusion fabric can stay on when folding the frame together and storing it in the bag. Essentially you only have to put the fabric on one time (unless you want to change fabrics between shoots). Setup time for the frame alone is about a minute, not more.
The aluminium frame is very light. The folding joints are made out of plastic and can feel a little wobbly, however. once the frame is locked into place and fabric attached, it becomes a rigid piece.

It seems that there are two folding designs to this frame, and I happen to have both. One design is with locking metal corners, and the second design is with a crossbar in the middle. Both are equally functional, but the crossbar design would give you an additional mounting point in the middle of the frame (an assistant could hand-hold it for example). I am not sure whether you can choose one or the other or I just happened to get an older version and a newer version. You might want to contact the seller for this information.

The biggest downside I can find with this butterfly is actually the transport bag. The bag has about a 30cm zipper opening on one end of the bag, so getting the folded frame in and out from the bag is not so easy to do alone. It would be much simpler if the bag had a zipper along the entire horizontal length, so you could lay it down and simply zip it.

Overall, great value and ease of use. Definitely would recommend this to freelancers and owner-operators. Might not survive heavy rental use but who knows.

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