Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW
Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW Cinelight Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW Cinema Studio Light Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW LED Light Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW Cinelight Cinema Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW Video Light Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW Film Lighting Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW TV Light Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW Video Spotlight Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW Film LED Spotlight Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW Professional RGB Light Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW

Studio LED Fresnel 200W RGBW

  • Potencia: 200 W
  • Potencia luminosa: 21'000 lx (35°) @ 1m
  • CCT: 2800K-6500K + RGB | CRI / TLCI 98
  • motor LED COB 5en1 RGB+Bi-Color
  • Tamaño: 37 x 41 x 26 cm | 9,1 kg
  • Ángulo del haz ajustable de 35° a 65
  • Carcasa de aluminio fundido a presión
  • Control local, BT APP y DMX512
  • 14 programas con efectos de iluminación
  • biblioteca de 22 geles
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     The new Studio LED Fresnel is a powerful spotlight that employs the full RGBW COB technology to deliver millions of rich and vibrant colors. The true Fresnel lens produces single-shadowed soft-edged beam for the natural result every cinematographer is looking for.

LED source into a classic Fresnel body

     The fixture's body is similar to the traditional Fresnel lights, ensuring a sturdy and robust construction for years of use in a professional environment. The full metal housing is made from a series of light weight aluminum extrusions that ensure proper ventilation and heat dissipation.

Powerful & High CRI COB Technology

     The Studio LED Fresnel features the newest power efficient COB technology with high index rating CRI 98 and TLCI 98 specially developed for photo-video applications where color rendering accuracy is mandatory, making it suitable for broadcast and film. 

CCT, HSI and RGB operation modes

    In CCT mode user can dial any color temperature from 2800K to 6500K. Additionally the Plus / Minus Green function is available in CCT mode to perfectly blend with the color cast of other lighting sources (HMI, Fluorescent or older generation of LED’s) or precise color balancing for different camera sensors. 

    In HSI mode user can intuitively select any color based on the 360° chromatic wheel. The vividness of a selected color is adjusted through the saturation function and the overall brightness is controlled by the dimming function. 

    In RGB mode user can individually adjust the primary Red / Green / Blue channels for a precise HUE dialing. 

Adjustable beam & light intensity

     The beam angle can be adjusted from spot 35° to flood 65° using a mechanical focusing mechanism. The light output is dimmable from 100% to 0%, flicker free across the dimming range (tested at 3'000 fps), therefore suitable for slow motion shootings. 

3-way control: Local, DMX512 & BT App

     Local control using dedicated buttons and potentiometers to quickly & intuitively adjust the lights parameters.

     DMX-512 via the XLR 3P in/out connectors: the Studio LED Fresnel fixtures can be integrated into more complex studio installations such as news sets, talk-shows or entertainment productions where a standardized remote controlling method is required. 

     Bluetooth via IOS & Android app: one or several LED Fresnel units can be controlled from up to a 50 m distance through the dedicated smartphone app (iOS & Android). Having a visual representation of all the physically settings of the Studio LED Fresnel fixture on any common smartphone can only make this light easier to use. One or more LED Fresnel spotlights can be simultaneous controlled through the smartphone application. 

14 Lighting effects

     The Studio LED Fresnel RGBW comes with 14 programmed lighting effects with adjustable parameters to customize them as needed. Using the effect presets, the spotlight can simulate the light coming from a candle, the police car flashing lights, fireworks and other commonly used dynamic lights. These lighting effects presets enhance the user's creativity and production value, being the most accessible way to create impressive animated scenes from a touch of a button.  

Filter mode

     The filter function employs a library of 22 digital filters that apply over the selected white balance (2800K or 6500K), similar to mounting a filter gel in front of a conventional light. These digital filters are used to obtain various theatrical effects or to match existing light sources.

AC and DC powering options 

    The Studio LED series are universal voltage capable AC 100V-240V and the IEC connector allows for fast change of power cable with local models. 

    In addition to the main AC powered plug, the 200W version of Studio LED Fresnel fixture is also equipped with a low voltage 14.8V DC XLR 4P socket allowing to be powered from two V-Lock batteries using the optional battery plate.

8-leaf metal barndoors included

     The Fresnel LED series comes with 8-leaf metal barndoors that cut and shape the beam spread. The small leaves offer a more precise control of the beam, creating a variety of shapes and concentrating the light where needed. 



Foco LED - Accesorio

Potencia nominal 200 watts
LED no 1
Ángulo del haz 35°-65°
Tipo de haz spot-flood
Modo puntual fotométrico 1m: 21000 lx
Modo inundación fotométrica 1m: 14000 lx
Temperatura de color 2800K-6500K
Índice CRI 98
Clasificación TLCI 98
Rango de regulación 100%-0%
Sistema de refrigeración Activo
Tipo de pantalla Complejo - monocromo

Focos LED - Controles

Tipo de selector Spot-Flood Mecánica
Control de funciones locales Analógico
Control DMX
Tipo de conectores DMX XLR-3P
Control APP Bluetooth / WIFI
Mando a distancia inalámbrico N/A

Foco LED - Encendido

Potencia nominal 200 watts
Entrada de tensión 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Fuente de alimentación Interna, CA 100-240V 50 / 60 Hz
Soporte de batería External - Optional
Tipo de conector enchufable IEC - hembra
Longitud total del cable de alimentación 5.0 m
Tipo de conector de alimentación CEE 7/7

Focos LED - Físicos

Tipo de lente Fresnel
Tamaño del objetivo 175 mm
Tamaño de la ranura 223 mm
Tamaño de la ranura del filtro 240 mm
Montaje en yugo Combo 16mm receiver & 28mm stud
Tipo de balasto Internal
Color de la carcasa Negro y gris
Material de la carcasa Aluminio
Dimensiones de la cabeza de la lámpara 37 x 41 x 26 cm
Peso de la cabeza de la lámpara 9.1 kg
Contenido del paquete

Contenido del paquete

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Accessories & Bundles

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