Studio LED Light CamLED ENG F10
Studio LED Light CamLED ENG F10 Camera LED Light CamLED ENG F-10 Spotlight - In Use Studio LED Panel Camera Light CamLED ENG F-10 Video Lighting LED Light Panel CamLED ENG F-10 - On Camera TV Light LED Panel CamLED ENG F-10 Film Light LED Panel CamLED ENG F-10 Studio Light CamLED ENG F-10 Spotlight Camera Video Light CamLED ENG F-10 Film Lighting Camera LED TV Light CamLED ENG F-10 Video LED Light CamLED ENG F-10 TV Lighting LED Light Camera Light CamLED ENG F-10 - Details Camera TV Light LED CamLED ENG F-10 - Battery Studio Light LED CamLED ENG F-10 - Package Content


  • Power: 8W
  • Light output 1m: 2300lx 
  • Color temperature: 5600K | CRI 95
  • Size & weight: 17 x 15 x 8 cm | 300 g
  • Beam focus control from flood 60° to spot 10° 
  • Passive cooling design for silent operation 
  • Pan-head with aluminum hot-shoe mount
  • Compact, lightweight, suitable for DSLRs
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Compact, lightweight & power efficient LED light

    The new CamLED ENG F-10 matches the heat-free LED technology with the very efficient, short focal length Fresnel lens in a single housing. This powerful, daylight balanced LED fixture is ideal to be used as on-camera light or can be mounted on lightweight stands, making it suitable for both field working and studio applications. The CamLED ENG F-10 provides you with bright, directional light, using just a fraction of the power of a conventional fixture.

Adjustable light beam from spot to flood

    The major feature of the CamLED ENG F-10 is the ability to focus the light beam angle from spot mode (10°) to flood mode (60°), while maintaining single and crisp shadow properties specific to Fresnel lens. The focusing adjustment can be realized using the focus knob located in upper part of the housing. The light beam angle is also marked on a nicely illuminated focus scale on the left side of the fixture.

Dimmable output from 100% to 0%

    Like all on-camera LED lights, the CamLED F-10 provides constant dimming from 100% to 0%, with no color shifting and is flicker-free. Thanks to the true Fresnel lens combined with included barndoors the light can be retained and shaped like on classic tungsten Fresnel lights. The barndoors serve also as protectors for the Fresnel lens during transportation. 

Passive cooling design with no fans

    Another important characteristic of this lighting fixture is that it provides a totally silent operation due to its passive cooling design so you don’t have to worry about any noisy fans.

Common powering options

    The CamLED ENG F-10 has a built-in NP-F battery mount and the package includes an NP-F battery adapter box that allows to install 6 AA batteries to power the light. A battery level button is located on the right side of the panel that shows the charging level.

Hot shoe mount for DSLR cameras

    This compact and lightweight LED Fresnel light can be mounted on most DSLR cameras and video camcorders using the aluminum hot shoe mount or can be mounted on a light stand using the 1/4" thread.

Acrylic orange and blue filters included

    The package also includes 2 slide-in acrylic filters (blue and orange) and one circular filter frame that can be inserted into the dedicated slot to mount any desired color gel in front of the light. The fixture's housing features 3 accessory slots where the barndoors and 2 different type of filters can be mounted. The entire accessory support can be easily removed when it is no longer necessary. 

Key Features:

  • natural color rendering: CRI 95
  • power efficient, draws only 8 watts
  • adjustable beam from 60° to 10° via manual focusing knob
  • fully dimmable (100%-0%), flicker-free 
  • totally silent, built-in aluminum radiator for efficient cooling
  • aluminum hot-shoe mount compatible with most DSLRs
  • robust plastic housing, includes barndoors 

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Contenido del paquete

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