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Reflector Trigger Clamp Pack
Film Studio Accessory - Reflector Trigger Clamp Pack Reflector Trigger Clamp Pack Cinelight Video Studio Reflector Trigger Clamp Pack

Reflector Trigger Clamp Pack

  • Set of clamps for collapsible reflectors
  • Grid clamp with 16 mm receiver - dual mount
  • 2 x trigger clamps with 16 mm spigot
  • Grip with strong spring mechanism
  • Efficient 2-point grip of any reflector
  • Small and lightweight clamps
  • Suitable for stands with 16 mm pin with 3/4" screw
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     Trigger reflector clamps pack ideal for mounting collapsible reflectors and backgrounds to a light stand featuring a 16 mm spigot and 3/8" screw. 

     This every beginners pack of reflector clamps is very much appreciated for the small sized and lightweight components which successfully can replace the classic studio telescopic arms for the same purpose. 

     This pack consists of 3 components: grid clamp with 16 mm dual mount receiver and 2 reflector trigger clamps with 16 mm spigot and 3/4" thread. These can all be used together and provide a 2-point grip of any reflector or can be used separately, depending on the needs.

     The grid clamp with 16 mm dual mount receiver can be mounted on any pipe having a 20 to 32 mm diameter. This grip clamp can be attached in a lower position on a light stand's central column and together with one trigger clamp can hold the bottom of any collapsible reflector or background. The other clamp can be mounted on top of the light stand and provide the upper reflector grip.


     The reflector clamps feature a plastic gripping jaw with sturdy spring mechanism to hold the reflector panel in place. The simple "pull and release" system can be effortlessly handled to attach the reflector or the background. 

     The 16 mm metallic spigot with 3/4" mounting thread of the clamps is compatible to any baby stand featuring a 3/4" mounting screw or a detachable 16 mm pin.

  • Pack weight: 470 g
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Package Content

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