Kit 2 x Studio Cool 110W / 220W - Fluorescent Lights
Studio Cinema Fluorescent Light Panel Kit - Studio Cool 110W/220W Kit 2 x Studio Cool 110W / 220W - Fluorescent Lights Video Light Fluorescent Studio Cool Kit Kit Fluorescent Light - Studio Cool 110W/220W Transport Bag Kit Fluorescent Cinema Light Studio Cool 110W/220W Film Light Fluorescent Kit - Studio Cool 110W/220W Kit Studio Cool 110W/220W Transport Bag Details Studio Cool 110W - Fluorescent Cinema Light Video Light Studio Cool 220W Film Light Fluorescent Studio Panel - Studio Cool 220W Fluorescent Video Light - Studio Cool 220W Honeycomb Louver Grid

KIT 2 x Studio Cool 110W / 220W

  • 2 x Studio Cool 220W ON/OFF
  • 2 x removable 4 leaf barndoors
  • 2 x pair of "flexi corners"
  • 2 x light stand 2.50m
  • 1 x transport bag for stands
  • 1 x trolley hard case
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First light option

Studio Cool 110W - 1 Bank ON/OFF
Studio Cool 220W  - 2 Bank ON/OFF
Studio Cool 110W Dimming & DMX
Studio Cool 220W Dimming & DMX

Second light option

Dedicated accessories

Add lamps

Add stands

  • Rigid frame design for best protection
  • Fit multiple LED lights with stands
  • Interior adjustable compartment
  • Two side carrying handles
  • Telescopic pulling handle
  • 3 strap pockets on top lid for lightstands
  • Interior dimensions: 74 x 35 x 44 cm
  • Exterior dimensions: 78 x 40 x 47 cm

    Water-resistant Cordura padded rigid bag is perfect for carrying portable lighting equipment and keeping it organized for the job. Cordura is a texturized yarn, discontinuous in structure like a natural fiber, with the feel of cotton canvas. This material is abrasion resistant, less vulnerable to fraying at the edges.

     The new design of the bag, similar to travelling trolley cases, facilitates handling and carrying around. The bag can be carried now using the telescopic handle and bottom wheels (just like any other trolley case), or simply by carrying handles, any way it suits one's needs.

    Dual directional zippers open quickly to fully expose the interior. Inside, detachable Velcro dividers separate the main chamber into sections ideal to isolate lights from stands. The bag is supplied with different size interior dividers allowing multiple configurations. You can remove the dividers to create a single, generous storage compartment. There are two convenient exterior side accessory pockets for extra storage. The bag’s lid is equipped with zippered net pockets where you can storage your accessories (like spare lamps, filters, honeycombs , et.).

    One great feature of this bag are the reinforced edges with plastic corners and the longitudinal bottom support for a better protection of the bag during handling and storing. This sturdy construction translates to a prolonged use of the bag. 

    The bag is equipped with an exterior plastic pocket where you can fit small ID cards, in order to personalize your lighting kit. Also, another particularity of this bag are the strap pockets on the top of the lid where 3 light stands can fit.

  • Interior dimensions: 74 x 35 x 44 cm
  • Exterior dimensions: 78 x 40 x 47 cm
  • Weight: 9.4 Kg

The bag can accommodate the following lighting configurations: 


  • up to 8 CinLED EVO "S"
  • up to 4 CineLED EVO "L"
  • up to 4 LED Panel 1x1 
  • up to 3 DayLED 1000 


  • up to 2 Studio Cool 110 / 220
  • up to 2 D-Lite 400
  • up to 2 CineFlo 2FT 2Bank / 4Bank (including ballasts & cables)
  • Payload: 5 Kg
  • Maximum height: 250 cm
  • Folded height: 87 cm
  • Mounting: spigot 16mm (5/8" stud)
  • Material: aluminum


     Lightweight two-riser aluminum light stand for studio and location work.

     The legs can be quickly retracted by loosening the T-handle on the top metal collar and pulling up. The rubber ended legs prevent sliding and the wide base of the stand ensure the stability.

     The black anodized finish of the stand eliminates any unwanted reflections, making it suitable also for studio applications.

     Compatible with:

  • Redhead 800W / Blonde 2000W
  • Fresnel Junior 150W / 300W / 650W / 1000W
  • D-Lite 400
  • CineLED EVO series


Weight 1.8 kg
Stand type: Baby stand
Mounting Stud 16mm (5/8") with 1/4" top screw
Maximum height 250 cm
Minimum height 88 cm
Folded length 87 cm
No of sections 3
Footprint diameter 102 cm
Column diameters 22 / 25 / 30 cm
Legs diameter 22 mm
Maximum payload 5 kg
Collapsing protection Spring
Material Aluminum
Color Black
  • Transport bag for 3 baby stands
  • Grab handle for easy transportation
  • Thin profile facilitates storage and shipping
  • 100 cm long


     Cordura transport bag for 3 light stands (baby stands). The soft, thin profile facilitates storage and shipping, also designed for comfort and durability.

     It can be carried by grab handle that works very well for easy transportation.

  • Length: 100 cm
  • Weight: 0.8 Kg

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Package Content

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All in one product!

I bought this for my video shootings and I'm quite pleased with this kit. The lights are good quality ones and the case seems to be allright. It could have been a little lighter but being studio gear you would expect it to be heavier. I later also realised that the 2.5m stands included are smaller than I need ,but they provide larger stands in case you need. Overall I am pleased with this purchase and with the services on this shop. Thanks!

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