Cinelight VAT Free Sales (No VAT TAX)            We offer VAT FREE purchases and by default our displayed prices are on their NET value (excluding VAT tax).

     Visitors have the possibility to switch to GROSS pricing display (including VAT tax). This can be done from any product page by pressing the “i” info icon next to the price or from MY ACCOUNT > ADDRESSsection and add or edit an already available address.

     We DO NOT APPLY the VAT Tax (VAT free sales) if:

  • Buyer is a business person or company registered in a European Union country having a VAT No which is validated in the VIES system and the goods are delivered to the buyer’s country
  • Goods are shipped outside European Union borders (exported), no matter if the buyer is private person, business person or company

     We APPLY the VAT Tax (19%) if:

  • Buyer is a private person located in any of the European Union countries
  • Buyer is a business person or company located in a European Union country and is NOT VAT registered in the VIES system or did not entered a valid VAT No when registering an account or placing an order on our website
  • In all situations when the goods are delivered within Romanian territory
  • Goods are picked-up locally from our warehouse directly by the buyer or, in some cases, by his assigned shipping company which cannot comply with our procedures
  • Buyer is a Romanian private person or company registered in Romania.

     To benefit of a VAT FREE purchase, the buyer must enter his VAT No in our system prior to placing an order. This can be done when registering a new account on by filling the appropriate VAT field from the registration form or, after the account is registered, by accessing the MY ACCOUNT > ADDRESSES section and editing the available address or creating a new one. The VAT code must be under this format: two letter country code followed by an identification number.Example: “FR123456789” where “FR” is the country code for France and “123456789” is the VAT identification number.Our system automatically checks the entered code against the EU VIES database and, if it’s confirmed, the buyer is allowed to complete the checkout at NET pricing.

     If the VAT code is missing, incorrect, invalid or the VIES system accessibility is temporary disabled, our system automatically applies the VAT tax on top of total amount, prior to finalize the order and payment request. Buyer will have the possibility to stop the order process before committing to pay.

     The VAT code can be also checked here:

     For any assistance with ordering VAT FREE please contact us for support.

     Other fees: All products are shipped from local European warehouse, therefore have all import taxes and customs fees already paid. No extra taxes to be paid on delivery by EU customers.

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