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Low Profile Runway Junior Base - as KS301012
Low Profile Runway Junior Base - as KS301012 Cinelight Low Profile Runway Junior Base - as 388201 Studio Low Profile Runway Junior Base - as KG-350 Low Profile Runway Junior Base in use - 
as KS301012, 388201, KG-350, Video accessory Low Profile Runway Junior Base - aka KS301012 Low Profile Runway Junior Base with Studio LED Fresnel - aka LA.6085.B

Low Profile Runway Junior Base

  • Payload: 30 kg
  • 28mm (1-1/8") receiver
  • 17 cm height 
  • 74 cm footprint diameter
  • quick deploy & fold of the legs
  • braked casters & non-marking 
  • compatible with c-stand columns 
  • as KS301012, 388201, KG-350, LA.6085.B
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     Introducing the Low Profile Runway Junior Base, featuring a 28mm (1-1/8") receiver meticulously designed to function as a rolling stand base. When paired with a C-Stand central column or any other studio equipment such as larger lights, fog machines, fans, and speakers—each outfitted with a 28mm (1-1/8") stud—this base excels in providing seamless support. Moreover, it can be paired with an optional 28mm to 16mm spigot adapter, enhancing compatibility with 16mm (5/8") receiver lights and studio gear.

     The gracefully arched leg design not only ensures a low profile, maintaining a base height of just 17cm, but also includes silicone-braked casters. These casters facilitate smooth movement across surfaces while also offering the ability to secure the stand in place.

    The innovation extends to the spring-loaded pin-lock system, permitting swift leg deployment or folding. When folded, the legs align parallelly, streamlining transportation and optimizing storage efficiency. 

Similar to: KS301012, 388201, KG-350, LA.6085.B, LA.6095.B




Stand type: Junior stand
Mounting Receiver 28mm (1-1/8")
Maximum height 17 cm
Minimum height 17 cm
Maximum payload 30 kg
Footprint diameter 74 cm
No of sections 1
Legs diameter 25 x 25 mm
Leveling leg No
Material Steel
Color Chrome
Weight 4.2 kg
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Accessories & Bundles

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  • DMX512 ballast control optional

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