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Combo Light Stand 450 cm as: A1045CS Avenger
Combo Light Stand 450 cm as: A1045CS Avenger Studio Combo Light Stand 450 cm as: 543M KUPO Cinema Studio Combo Light Stand 450 cm Video Studio Combo Light Stand 450 cm Film Combo Light Stand 4.5m KUPO KS500412 Studio Stand 450 cm TV Studio Combo Light Stand 450 cm Combo Light Stand 450 cm - leveling leg

Combo Light Stand 450 cm

  • Payload: 20 Kg
  • Maximum height: 450 cm
  • Minimum height: 151 cm
  • Folded length: 151 cm
  • Mounting: combo 5/8" pin & 1-1/8" receiver
  • Wheels included.
  • Material: steel
  • As: A1045CS, 543M / KS500412
Status: In Stock

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Wheels for Light Stand - 25x25mm square leg diameter

     Versatile heavy duty combo stand, suitable for supporting fixtures up to 40 kg weight anywhere between 151 and 450 cm in height, to match the studio requirements. 

    The double braced legs ensure a good stability and support. The combo stand also features a leveling leg or a "rocky-mountain" leg used to lean the stand or to level the stand on uneven ground.

    The combo stand is assembled using stainless steel bolts instead of rivets for simpler maintenance. All of the stand's knobs are aluminum made and threads are riveted to prevent any loosening.

    The combo stand features a dual mounting function: 5/8" (16 mm) stud and 1-1/8" (28 mm) receiver in order to fit any type of lighting fixture or studio accessory with baby or junior mount. 

    The stand's central column can be positioned to rest directly on the ground, taking over most of the load.

    The scratch resistant chromed finish prevents oxidation and gives the stand a more polished look that is easier to blend into the outdoor daylight shootings.

    Similar with other brands combo stands: A1045CS Combo Steel Stand 45, 543M / KS500412 Master High Cine Stand.

    *NB: The maximum payload is rated for the stand half-extended.




Stand type: Combo stand
Mounting Receiver 16mm (5/8") & Stud 28mm (1-1/8")
Maximum height 450 cm
Minimum height 151 cm
Maximum payload 20 kg
Folded length 151 cm
No of sections 4
Column diameters 30 / 35 / 42 / 48
Legs diameter 25 x 25 mm
Leveling leg Yes
Collapsing protection Spring
Material Steel
Color Chrome
Weight 12.9 kg
Package Content

Package Content

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Accessories & Bundles

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Didn't expect less

Well made stand that covers its duties. The included casters are a nice addition and the mountain leg is convenient. Works with the bigger junior pin lamps (i.e. Aputure 1200D) and smaller baby receiver lamps (300D) alike. Also good to hold a junior boom extension. Two of them would make a good fit for an 8x8 or even a 12x12. For the price (compared to Avenger, etc.) a real bargain!

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