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Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm As: 546M
Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm As: 546M Studio Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm As: KS501311 Cinelight Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm As: A4050CS Cinema Studio Combo Stand 300 cm aka: 546M Studio Video Combo & Boom Stand 3m aka: KS501311 Film Studio Boom Stand 300 cm aka: A4050CS Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm for Cinema Studio Video Accessory Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm Light Stand Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm Cinema Light Stand Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm aka: A4050CS Cinelight Studio Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm as: A4050CS Studio Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm aka: KS501311

Combo & Boom Stand 300 cm

  • Payload: 20 kg
  • Stand max height: 530 cm
  • Stand min height: 168 cm
  • Boom max height: 300 cm
  • Boom min height: 133 cm
  • Boom length: 148 - 250 cm
  • Folded length: 168 cm
  • Combo mounts: 28 mm receiver & 16 mm pin
  • Convertible upper column in boom arm
  • Strong pivoting collar with oversized handle
  • Wheels and sand bag included
  • Material: steel
  • As 546M, KS501311, A4050CS, 
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Status: In Stock

    Robust, versatile combo stand with convertible upper column into a junior boom arm, ideal for supporting medium sized lighting fixtures.

    The product can be used as a standard combo stand (boom arm mounted vertically) with adjustable height from 168 to 530 cm or converted it into a boom arm using the pivoting collar having minimum height of 133 cm and maximum height of 300 cm (boom arm mounted horizontally).

    The maximum payload in stand configuration is 20 kg and the maximum payload in boom arm configuration is 10 kg*.

    The boom arm extends from 148 cm to 250 cm and features an oversized ratchet handle on the pivoting collar.

    The boom arm ends with 28 mm (1-1/8") junior receiver and a 16 mm (5/8") retractable stud.

    The double braced legs with squared section (25 x 25 mm) ensure a good stability and support. 

    Anti-extraction collar lockers prevent knobs fallout.

    The stand's columns are spring-loaded to protect the mounted equipment against accidental collapsing by absorbing the shock.

    Dual spider lockers ensure upward and downward maximum extension of the stand's base and also allow for the central column to rest directly on the ground, taking over most of the load.

     Features a leveling "rocky-mountain" leg used to lean or to level the stand on uneven ground.

     For increased mobility on studio environments, this combo stand comes with included 25x25 mm braked wheels.

    A 10 kg sand bag is included to be used as a counterweight for the boom arm.

    Scratch resistant chromed finish prevents oxidation and gives the stand a more polished look that is easier to blend into the outdoor daylight shootings.

    Similar to other brands combo boom stand: 546M, KS501311, A4050CS,.

    *NB: The maximum payload is rated for the stand or arm not fully extended.




Stand type: Combo stand
Mounting Stud 16mm (5/8") & Receiver 28mm (1-1/8")
Maximum height 530 cm
Minimum height 168 cm
Maximum payload 20 kg
Folded length 168 cm
Footprint diameter 144 cm
No of sections 5
Column diameters 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 / 45
Legs diameter 25 x 25 mm
Leveling leg Yes
Collapsing protection Spring
Includes boom arm Yes
Material Steel
Color Chrome
Weight 19.5 kg
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Reviews ( 2 reviews )





Veramente ottimo, molto meglio di Avenger o di altri prodotti. Consigliato, molto robusto e offre mota flessibilità nell'utilizzo. Grazie!




A tripod that lasts a lifetime

An excellent buy, a very versatile tripod with a very high and solid build quality. No slack or unsafe adjustments. Undoubtedly a must-have in the studio for photographers with a high volume of commercial work. A tripod you can leave set up between projects and know it won't fall over or fail.

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